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PokemonMasterH PokemonMasterH 4 hours ago

Pure Evil Proposal: The Archie Comics version of Krang

After proposing the truly nightmarish Mr. Null, here is another proposal Overlord let me borrow reg…

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CrackheadMcGee CrackheadMcGee 5 hours ago

PE Proposal - Oliver Saxon (Dexter)

  • 1 What is the work?
  • 2 Who is the villain?
  • 3 What has he done?
  • 4 Heinous Standard
  • 5 Mitigating Factors
  • 6 Conclu…

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X9 The Android X9 The Android 23 hours ago

PE Proposal: Luca Brasi

was just a bumbling thug like shown in the film? If you did think that, you we're wrong. He isn't t…
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DragonDude83 DragonDude83 1 day ago

PE Proposal: Hakon

This is my first proposal under the new format. Here I am proposing another Gargoyles villain, and a…

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Pure Evil Proposal - The Central Badd(y/ies) from Crash 4: It's About Time

Hey guys! Here with a pretty n. sane proposal; Crash and PE are not things between which a correla…

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Snape Uchiha Snape Uchiha 2 days ago

PE Proposal: Cluny the Scourge

For this PE proposal, we are going to discuss Cluny the Scourge from Redwall. A few notes before we…

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BigBadSquid BigBadSquid 2 days ago

PE Proposal: Eddie Quist

This is my first blog post using the new UCP program, and already I have no clue what the heck I'm…

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X9 The Android X9 The Android 4 days ago

PE Proposal: Hugo Strange (The Batman)

. This incarnation came before the Gotham one or the Arkhamverse one, but this may have been the mos…

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BeholderofStuff BeholderofStuff 4 days ago

I'm Back

The title says it all. I'm back and I'm sorry i took so long. I couldn't get my laptop back cause o…

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694244 694244 4 days ago

PE Proposal - Tornedron from G1 Transformers

Presenting the malevolent energy being Tornedron from the G1 Transformers TV series.
  • 1 Who is he and …

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