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Joaco34215 Joaco34215 5 minutes ago

PE proposal - Goku Black (Super Dragon Ball Heroes)

After watching Super Dragon Ball Heroes, I think it's time to propose the other version of Goku Bla…

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Ordeaux26 Ordeaux26 23 hours ago

Pure Evil Proposal - Infinity Ultron

I know that several users have been waiting for this moment, the original verison of the character…

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Bazilsiraj Bazilsiraj 1 day ago

Pure Evil Removal: Norman Osborn

Well well well, it would seem that I finally got on the whitelist and I want to thank the admins an…

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Sun9141 Sun9141 1 day ago

Pure Evil Proposal - Jong Woo Woo, A.k.a Masayuki Kaneki

+ Johan Liebert + Hannibal Lecter + Sal. And his younger brother Kang-woo Do reminds me of Samekic…
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AustinDR AustinDR 1 day ago

Thoughts on Halloween Kills

Honestly, it was kind of a mixed bag for me. There were a lot of ideas I genuinely liked and if the…

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JacobKyleF JacobKyleF 1 day ago

PE Proposal: Ragnarok (Ben 10)

To start off, this here has got to be one of the (if not the only) most highly confusing proposal/s…

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JetBlackJet JetBlackJet 2 days ago

Reevaluation Proposal: Tzekel-Kan

Thanks to AustinDR once more for allowing me to do this. This character's rejection never made much…

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BigBadSquid BigBadSquid 3 days ago

PE Proposal: Night Slasher

  • 1 The Work
  • 2 Who is the Night Slasher
  • 3 Mitigating Factors
  • 4 Work's Standards
  • 5 Verdict

Cobra is a 1986 actio…

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DragonDude83 DragonDude83 3 days ago

PE Removal: Queen La

Once again, I find myself on the unenviable task on undoing a proposal I did. First with Thailog, a…

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Ivan the Brony Kaiju Ivan the Brony Kaiju 3 days ago

PE Proposal: General Black

This is a proposal of General Black. Wow, i am surprised there has been one Kamen Rider villain to b…

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