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Blonn Di and Shining Light are minor antagonists in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series. They are twin daughters of King Diomedes and elder sisters of Swift Foot.



As twins, Blonn Di and Shining Light are exactly similar to each-other; Thrace Ponies with grey coats, a blue-green manes and purple eyes. They also wear white togas and golden laurels on their heads. The only difference is that Shining Light seems to be the taller one.


Blonn Di and Shining Light also have similar attitudes; being petty bullies who often pick on their younger sister.


Blonn Di and Shining Light don't seem to have any real abilities, as even their father believes them to be too incompetent for his use.


When their father orders Blonn Di and Shining Light to fetch their younger sister for a mission, they purposely took their time getting to her room so she could be late. When they arrive, they claim Swift Foot to be in trouble, and when she accuses them of what they did, but Blonn Di boasts that she can never prove it, with Shining Light stating it was her fault for being such an easy target. Swift Foot runs out towards the throne room while calling the twins the worst, to which they continue to smile.


Shining Light: You're in trouble now, little sister!
Swift Foot: Wh-what? What did I do?
Shining Light: Dunno. Dad said he wanted to see you, so that can't be good.
Blonn Di: He sent us a while ago, but we took our time finding you. Hurry-hurry!
Swift Foot: B-Blonn Di!
You made me late!
Blonn Di: It's
our word against yours, brat.
Swift Foot: Shining Light?
Shining Light: What? It's your fault for being so easy to pick on.
~ Blonn Di and Shining Light picking on their younger sister again.


  • Given their similar appearance, it is possible that Blonn Di, Shining Light and Swift Foot are all triplets.
  • Blonn Di's name is a pun of the word "blondie".


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