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Elizabeth Báthory

Elizabeth Báthory aka The Blood Countess is the main antagonist from the 2006 movie called Stay Alive, and also the main antagonist of it's game adaption from the movie. She was a countess in the Kingdom of Hungary in the last 1500's, known for killing 650 people among them being 39 little girls in her desire to remain young forever. Today, her evil spirit possesses a video game called "Stay Alive". The purpose of the game is not to keep their character alive. But whoever character is killed in the game, or is killed by Báthory, gets killed in the same way.

At the end of the film, her spirit body is put back in to her dead body and then it is lit on fire by Hutch (Jon Foster), burning and killing her.

However before the credits roll we see that the "Stay Alive" game is now out to the public and she is standing in the tower. It is presumed that this has resurrected her again and this time if she is to be stopped it would have to be by winning the game due to her body being destroyed.


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