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Those Blood Eagles are crazy, and people think we're the bad guys!
~ Random Raider members on the Blood Eagles.

The Blood Eagles are major antagonists in Fallout 76 being introduced in Wastelanders. They are a gang of sadomasochistic Raiders who have began occupying areas of Appalachia.


The Blood Eagles came to Appalachia when word of the residents of Vault 76 recolonizing the region and rumors of treasure in the region brought many a person back to the area. Of course, the Blood Eagles were seen as maniacs by Meg Groberg and the Raiders at The Crater due to their habits of getting innocent people to join their gang by getting them addicted to various chems like Buffout and Psycho to keep them in the organization. The Blood Eagles were led by a trio of leaders as a way to make sure the gang remained lead by someone should the other two fall at any point. The three leaders were known as The Blood, The Eye, and The Claw.

At some point after they returned to Appalachia, they sent out a radio broadcast throughout the Ash Heap, announcing that they had captured Beckett, a member of the Blood Eagles who had renounced them, and were holding him prisoner at the Rollins Labor Camp near Mount Blair, where the giant Rockhound excavator sat. However, a resident from Vault 76 came by the camp, and freed Beckett, offering him a place to stay at their C.A.M.P.. Once Beckett settled in, he asked the Vault 76 resident to help him take revenge on the Blood Eagles by taking down their leaders, while also helping him get additional help from the other gangs he used to belong to before the Blood Eagles. Though they manage to kill The Blood and The Eye, when it comes time to kill The Claw, Beckett is stunned to find his own brother Frankie is The Claw. The Vault 76 resident offers Beckett a choice to either kill Frankie, thus decapitating the Blood Eagles of their triad of leaders, or talk some sense into him and spare his life, which will cause Frankie to come to his senses, apologize for everything, and be taken by Beckett's buddy Ronny to be cured of the addiction that turned him into The Claw to begin with, still causing the Blood Eagles to lose their leadership. Afterwards, if Frankie's life was spared, he'll stop by the Vault 76 resident's C.A.M.P. from time to time as a wandering merchant.


  • The Blood
  • The Eye
  • The Claw
  • Frank the Butcher
  • Jessi the Hook
  • Dagger
  • Dillo
  • Eightball
  • Needles
  • Star
  • Tally Lang
  • Dagger's lieutenants
  • Beckett (formerly)


  • Blood Eagle
  • Blood Eagle wretch
  • Blood Eagle bruiser
  • Blood Eagle cutthroat
  • Blood Eagle spotter
  • Blood Eagle slayer
  • Blood Eagle tormenter
  • Blood Eagle predator
  • Blood Eagle flayer
  • Blood Eagle executioner
  • Blood Eagle thief
  • Blood Eagle captain
  • Blood Eagle destroyer


  • Blood Eagle attack dogs
  • Blood Eagle mongrels
  • Bloody Pecker
  • Blood Eagle turrets
  • Blood Eagle Eyebots
  • Blood Eagle Protectrons
  • Blood Eagle Mister Handies
  • Blood Eagle Mister Gutsies
  • Blood Eagle Assaultrons

Bases and camps

  • Watoga Underground
  • Rollins Labor camp
  • Widow's Perch
  • Big Bend Tunnel
  • The Sludge Works
  • North Cutthroat Camp
  • South Cutthroat Camp
  • Summersville
  • Skullbone Vantage
  • Seneca Gang Camp
  • Bloody Frank's
  • Ammo dump
  • The Vantage
  • The Pigsty
  • The Bounty
  • The Kill Box
  • Crimson Prospect
  • The Crosshair
  • Twin Pine Cabins
  • Ripper Alley
  • Cliffwatch
  • Hunter's Ridge
  • Dagger's Den
  • Blood Eagle camp


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