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Blood Mama

The Blood Mama is a twisted monster that is the true form of the Blood Guardian and a boss in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. She is confronted after dealing with the Blood Guardian and she is dealt with in the final part of Zone 18.


The Blood Mama is the true form of the Blood Guardian. She has a massive, gelatinous base and is free to rush and pounce on her prey. Her body appears to be skinned in certain areas, including her hands, arms and hips. The leg retreating into her hip joint socket appears to be stretched extremely sideways on other legs, in two separate directions. Her hair is long, thick and immaculately grey, which would obviously symbolize age (the name "Mama" also symbolizes this).

One notable aspect about her body is the epic proportions that have been rearranged and elongated. Her belly button appears to be very high, while the breast area of her chest is far down, close to the belly-button. This obviously gives the rest of her body (primarily her legs) a longer shape.


Like most enemies, not much is known about the Blood Mama other than the fact that she represents certain aspects of the game and is a fierce antagonist during Zone 18. She is very feminine and feline in her motions, which is one of the best ways to sum up her characteristics.


Blood Mama, like the Blood Guardian, symbolizes the subconscious resolution of Shannon. Their battle is a metaphorical one; symbolizing the struggle between the player's will and Shannon's, both attempting to assert their dominance over the other in order to change reality.


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