Blood Red Queen of Hearts
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The Blood Red Queen of Hearts is a major antagonist of the comic book series Vampirella and a servant of the Mad God Chaos.

Her real name is Jezebel and is also known as the "Whore of Bablyon". Born in ancient Babylon, she was once a strikingly beautiful woman. She became high priestess of the Cult of Chaos and used her feminine charms to lure male sacrifices to please her god. She served Chaos loyally until she offended her master by demanding  that he make her his queen(which would have granted her immortality and eternal power).

Angered by her demands Chaos ripped the flesh from Jezebel's shapely body and imprisoned her soul in a Queen of Hearts playing card as punishment. Although her wish for immortality had technically been granted, she would remain trapped within the card forever. Still hoping to become her master's bride, she has spent the centuries sacrificing more humans to him whenever she is able to find a Host. 

She eventually met Vampirella and became one of her deadliest foes ever since. She uses her powers to seduce men and women alike to do her biding.

During one of their fights after Vampirella defeats her, Chaos took her vision which forces her to use magic to see.

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