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Attack every planet in the universe and destroy their every bit... This is the duty of we Blood Tribe!
~ Kengo Ino/Kamen Rider Blood.

The Blood Tribe (in Japanese: ブラッド族) are a mysterious alien empire of planet devouring beings and the main antagonistic faction of the Kamen Rider Build film Kamen Rider Build: Be The One, as well as the V-Cinema Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD, Kamen Rider Cross-Z and also the overarching antagonists of the entire Kamen Rider Build series.



Under the rule of their emperor Killbus, the Blood Tribe Imperium began a campaign of destruction across the universe, consuming countless planets to increase their own power. However, Killbus' destructive urge would eventually lead him to devour the Blood Tribe's own homeworld, Planet Blood, and send the survivors to continue their cosmic rampage.

The Blood Tribe eventually turned their attention to Earth, with Evolt being the first of their members to attack. From the shadows, Evolt and the other members of the Blood Tribe manipulated the three divided regions of Japan into waging with each other to further their own plans.

Kamen Rider Build

After Evolt (in the guise of Masakuni Mido) conquered the three regions of Japan and unified them under a single government, three of the Blood Tribe, Kengo Ino, Ryoka Saiga and Mitsuomi Gohara became the new governors of each of the three regions in the new government based at the Pandora Tower.

Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

Because Evolt had stopped his pursuit of Earth's destruction, the three governors opted to finish it themselves. Evolt told them he would not interfere, but reminded them that he had the power of the Pandora Box and thus the advantage.

To remove the only obstacle standing in their way, Kamen Rider Build, the three Blood Tribe aliens enacted their "Build Annihilation Plan", which involved brainwashing all of Japan to turn against Build.

Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z

Killbus arrives in the new world created by merging the World of Build into the main World of Kamen Rider through the White Pandora Panel. He seeks out Ryuga Banjou so he can recreate the Pandora Box and use it to destroy the entire universe. However, not wanting to die from the universe's destruction, a revived Evolt sides with Banjou against his brother in order to save himself.




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