Runty little squib! Grobby little grub! You is talking to a human bean!
~ The Bloodbottler guessing.
I is choosing Chile because I is fed up with the taste of Eskimos.
~ The Bloodbottler showing his sadistic side.

The Bloodbottler is one of the giants in The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant) and the secondary antagonist of the novel and both films. He is the Fleshlumpeater's right-hand man and the overall smartest of the man-eating giants. Hence his name, he holds a particularly delightful taste for human blood.

He was voiced by the late Don Henderson in the 1989 version, and by Bill Hader in the 2016 version.

The BFG (1989 film)

The Bloodbottler is the first major giant to appear in the film. He storms into the BFG's cave, having heard him talking to Sophie. The Bloodbottler correctly assumes he was talking to a "human bean" and demands he give it to him. In order to repel him from the cave, the BFG offers him a disgusting snozzcumber, telling him it tastes like bones, only to find to late that Sophie is hiding inside of it. When eats it, the Bloodbotttler luckily spits out Sophie in his wretch and, in a rage, grabs the BFG and throws him into his sleeping area. He then trashes several shelves and storms away.

He was later seen with the other giants, harrassing the BFG. When the BFG runs away, the Bloodbottler throws a rock at him. He is eventually caught by the humans and trapped in a huge hole with the other giants.


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