Beatta Dubiel (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 340

Little is known about Bloodlust's past. She first came to the attention of authorities when she and Whiplash teamed up with Critical Mass and his Band of Baddies in a failed plot to kidnap a powerful mutant girl and her father, which brought them into conflict with Spider-Man and Wolverine, and ended with the girl creating a telekinetic explosion.

Surviving the explosion, Bloodlust and Whiplash later teamed up with Knockout and Mindblast to form the Femme Fatales after they were hired by the Chameleon to battle Spider-Man in a complicated plot to convince the hero that he needed to get rid of his powers. This ultimately failed.

Later, the Femme Fatales were invited to join female supremacist Superia in her plot render the majority of earth's women sterile. She aided the other Femizons in capturing Captain America and Paladin, who'd infiltrated the ship. Captain America ultimately succeeded, however, and Bloodlust disappeared for some time after that.

Bloodlust's last known appearance as a supervillainess was with her teammates at the auction of held by the Tinkerer for the Venom symbiote.


After Decimation, Bloodlust was depowered.

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