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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Bloodsport from the DC Extended Universe. The mainstream version can be found here: Bloodsport.
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Villain Overview

We're all gonna die.
~ Bloodsport's most famous quote while showing his cynicism.
You are threatening my daughter!
~ Bloodsport confronting Waller over his daughter.
If we find out the information you give us is false, you die.
~ Bloodsport to The Thinker.

Robert DuBois, better known as Bloodsport, is the main protagonist of the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, the tenth installment in the DC Extended Universe.

He is an assassin for hire who was incarcerated in Belle Reve following his attempted killing of Superman via Kryptonite bullet. After being extorted by Amanda Waller he became the leader of the second Task Force X team instructed with locating and destroying everything in relation to Project Starfish on the island of Corto Maltese.

He was portrayed by Idris Elba, who also played Russell "Stringer" Bell in The Wire, Br'er Wolf in the US version of The Adventures of Br'e Rabbit, Charles Miner in The Office, William Roque in The Losers, Colin Evans in No Good Deed, The Commandant in Beasts of No Nation, Shere Khan in the 2016 The Jungle Book live-action remake, Krall in Star Trek Beyond, Brixton Lore in Hobbs & Shaw and Macavity in the 2019 Cats film.


Early Life

Robert DuBois had a rough childhood, with a very abusive father who would go as far as to lock him in a crate full of hungry rats for failing to do as he asked one day, resulting in him developing a phobia for the animals. DuBois finally became fed up and murdered his father. As a result, he decided to live the life of an assassin. After becoming an adult, DuBois at one point had a child named Tyla with an unnamed woman, who passed away by the time of the movie's events; Robert and Tyla had a distant and unloving relationship with one another. At some point joined the military and served under Colonel Rick Flag although left or was discharged for unknown reasons.

Following his leave from the military, DuBois became Bloodsport, an assassin infamous assassin, and criminal who was well renowned for his ruthless techniques, deadly results, and uncanny ability to make a weapon out of virtually anything thanks to his military experience. He was eventually incarcerated in Belle Reve for attempting to assassinate Superman with a Kryptonite Bullet, sending him into the ICU.

The Suicide Squad

Bloodsport serves his sentence in Belle Reve while also performing duties such as cleaning, one morning when approached by Waller, he immediately deduces why she's there and bluntly refuses to join Task Force X which she seems unfazed by, she then tells him he has a visitor before leaving. He goes to the visitor center where he finds Tyla waiting for him, she explains that she has a court date coming up after stealing a smartwatch and DuBois tells her that she should have a partner looking out for her the next time she steals leading to a heated argument between the two occurring before Robert finally asks why Tyla is there to which she responds that Waller said he could help her get a pardon if he co-operated with her. A furious Robert confronts Waller on this and although still dismissive at first she begins threatening Tyla, promising to have her incarcerated in Belle Reve if he doesn't cooperate with her while taunting him over how someone like Tyla would die fairly quickly in a prison as notorious as this one. In response, a now fuming Bloodsport holds a blade to Waller's throat and she surprisingly keeps her composure save for screaming at her subordinates to stand down from restraining him. She then calmly explains that she wouldn't take such measures if the mission wasn't extremely important and Bloodsport finally agrees to her proposal.

She explains that due to his military experience she wants him to lead the second team of Task Force X troops into Corto Maltese, a team made up of himself Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2, Polka Dot Man and King Shark and tells them that they would be there to erase all traces of something called Project Starfish via abducting The Thinker and forcing him to cooperate with their plans to blow up the Jotunheim base he runs where everything concerning the project is being held. Following three fairly ridiculous questions from Peacemaker, King Shark and Ratcatcher 2, Bloodsport, still less than enthused about his new team bluntly say they're all going to die before exasperatedly saying "Oh for f**k sake." to Polka Dot Man responding that he hopes so.

The team arrive on the island of Corto Maltese and set up camp for the night but Bloodsport finds himself unable to sleep, while lying awake he sees to his horror and disgust Polka Dot Man with his face completely swollen with tumors and pustules stumbling his way into the bushes before ejecting something from his system and returning to the campsite looking normal, his attention is then drawn to King Shark trying to eat Ratcatcher 2 in her sleep, reacting quickly Bloodsport fires endless shots at him until he's backed up into a tree, waking everybody up. After a brief argument, Ratcatcher 2 who was surprisingly calm considering she was about to get eaten defuses the situation by talking to King Shark, and upon learning that he doesn't have any friends makes him a deal that she and his other teammates will be his friends in exchange for him not eating them to which he eagerly accepts, Bloodsport watches the scene in disbelief and calls Ratcatcher an idiot, finding the idea of befriending someone who appeared so monstrous and was literally about to eat her insane.

The following morning the group is instructed by Waller to rescue Flag from an enemy base camp and do so, with Bloodsport and Peacemaker effortlessly taking out all of the guards in a contest to see which of them is more efficient. In the end, they find Flag sitting in a tent with Sol Soria the leader of the group in this base and chatting while drinking tea, initially confused the group is then informed that she's the leader of a rebel group fighting against the Maltese government, Sol Soria leaves the tent and is horrified to discover many of her people are now dead, nevertheless, she acknowledges that she and Task Force X have the same goals in mind and offer them her help.

The team moves out on their main objective, visiting a nightclub frequented by The Thinker and apprehending him, on the journey to the city Bloodsport and Ratcatcher confide in each other over their issues, with Bloodsport specifically explaining why he's terrified of rats, in the process of each of their stories the two strike up a genuine friendship. The team arrives at the club a few hours early and as a result, to pass the time Flag, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher, and Polka Dot Man have drinks which Bloodsport also does reluctantly at first before eventually loosening up, now starting to bond with his teammates while he and Flag fondly reminisce about their military days. Sometime after Bloodsport notices The Thinker entering the building and follows him to the bar where he explains the plan and holds him at gunpoint to leave the building.

Unfortunately on their way out a group of soldiers from the Corto Maltese Armed Forces arrive at the scene demanding to know the locations of American spies sent onto their land. Thinking quickly Bloodsport gives Grieves to Ratcatcher 2 and Polka Dot Man before giving himself, Flag, and Peacemaker up to the soldiers to divert attention. The three are arrested while Ratcatcher 2 and Polka Dot Man manage to get The Thinker loaded onto the bus. The two groups reunite after Bloodsport, Flag, and Peacemaker use their combined efforts to take out the soldiers escorting them to prison and in the process, the three men learn of Harley Quinn's presence on the island as a prisoner currently being tortured by Mateo Suarez for information, as a result after their escape and reunion with the other squad members Flag declares that their next move will be to rescue Harley. Bloodsport is fine with this as he trusts Flag however Peacemaker remains critical of the idea. When the team makes their move to save Harley they realize she's managed to escape herself and she and Bloodsport introduce themselves to each other.

Finally, the plan to blow up Jotunheim is set into motion with the team briefing The Thinker on what they're making him do; escort them discreetly into Jotunheim while using his retinal scan to bypass security. The team then split into two with Bloodsport, Harley, Polka Dot Man, King Shark, and Peacemaker placing explosives across each floor of the building while The Thinker escorts Rick Flag and Ratcatcher 2 to where he's holding Starro. While this is happening Bloodsport's team is confronted by several guards and thanks to an accident involving Polka Dot Man they inadvertently set off the explosives early, flooding the entire building. Although Polka Dot Man and Harley manage to make it to safety King Shark is thrown from the building onto the street below while Bloodsport manages to regain footing in the building although unfortunately due to the weight from his falling impact on each floor he manages to fall through several until he reaches the bottom floor where he finds Peacemaker and Ratcatcher 2.

Ratcatcher 2 explains that Peacemaker snuck off from their team as he didn't trust the Thinker when they all learned of the truth behind Project Starfish and the U.S government and Waller's involvement and the real reason on why they were being sent there. In the process of learning the information, the explosives went off thus freeing Starro who killed The Thinker, while Rick Flag thought Peacemaker over the latter refusing to allow him to expose Waller as she promised him a pardon to keep the information secure, while the fight at first was going well for Flag he was killed when Peacemaker stabbed him with a broken floor tile leaving Ratcatcher 2 to grab the evidence and flee only to cornered by Peacemaker who was now at a stand-off with Bloodsport while preparing to kill her. Both men fired their guns at the same time and Bloodsport's smaller and thinner bullet pierced through Peacemaker's before hitting him, calling back to a previous argument the two had. Bloodsport takes the evidence from Ratcatcher 2 for safekeeping and they unite with the remaining team outside only to find Starro has escaped and been invading the city by shooting countless numbers of its spawn onto the citizens and armed forces.

Although being told by Waller to retreat and leave Starro alone Bloodsport followed by the rest of the team refused to listen to her orders, no longer trusting Waller and instead of wanting to do what's right. Thankfully before Waller could kill the group with their bomb implants she was knocked unconscious by her staff who then instructed the squad on where Starro was heading and the best route to take to stop it. In the ensuing chaos of the final fight Polka Dot Man was killed after being crushed by one of Starro's legs following him managing to deal meaningful damage to the beast and while fighting the brainwashed victims of Starro Bloodsport ran out of weapons and was forced to retreat under Ratcatcher 2 who to his horror was now sending thousands of rats to attack Starro while Harley dived into the creature's eye, piercing it with the javelin once belonging to Javelin. Starro finally died after becoming overwhelmed from all of the rats gnawing on its nerves and the team won, having completed the mission. Before leaving Bloodsport and Harley mourned Flag together and formed a friendship before leaving, blackmailing Waller into granting them freedom in exchange for them not leaking her involvement with the Corto Maltese corruption to the public.

On the ride back to the States Bloodsport noticed Sebastian, Ratcatcher's main rat companion resting on his leg, waving to him eagerly much to the latter's happiness. Although sheepishly at first Bloodsport began petting Sebastian something which he refused to do for the entire film, cementing him as now beginning to overcome his musophobia and presumably change for the better.


I knew Sebastian sensed good in you for a reason.
~ Ratcatcher 2 to Bloodsport after he decides to fight Starro against Waller's orders for the Morto Caltese people.

Robert DuBois was a fairly grumpy and irritable man who was nearly constantly exasperated and had no real patience for his peers that however, he did still have a flair of protectiveness about him, as demonstrated from how he didn't hesitate for a second to stop King Shark from eating Ratcatcher 2 and sure enough, he does open up properly later on and makes a bond with the latter over their shared traumas, following this DuBois becomes a much nicer person and a more enthused and willing leader to his team and considers them close friends by the end of the film. He also suffered from musophobia, although managed to overcome it thanks to being around Ratcatcher 2 and from Sebastian's persistent friendliness towards him.

DuBois also had a great amount of respect for his old friend and fellow soldier Rick Flag who he had complete trust and faith in and he was also shown to respect Harley Quinn quite quickly upon meeting her. DuBois also had some care for his daughter, although they didn't have a close relationship due to him having issues with family thanks to his father and not wanting Tyla in the first place as shown from how fiercely protective he became towards her when he heard of Waller's intentions with her, this, in turn, made him dislike and mistrust Waller almost immediately.

All in all, he proved himself to be a genuinely good and honorable man by the film's conclusion despite initially appearing as little more than a gruff, aloof assassin with a one-track mind.


Robert DuBois was a handsome man in his 40s with dark skin, a tall and muscular build, brown eyes, black eyebrows, black hair and a black greying beard. As Bloodsport he wore a navy blue bodysuit covered with metallic battle armor that had gold accents and multiple munitions pockets and pouches which housed his vast arsenal of custom designed weaponry. He also wore brown combat boots with shin guards and gauntlets nearly identical to that of his battle armor. To protect his face or have the ability to breathe underwater Bloodsport also had a a helmet which was blue and brown in color with a decaying skull motif for intimidation purposes.


No one likes a showoff.
~ Bloodsport to Peacemaker.
Same answer as the last time. Piss off. I’m not joining your goddamn Suicide Squad.
~ Bloodsport to Amanda Waller.
This coming from a guy who wears a toilet seat on his head?
~ Bloodsport on Peacemaker's costume.
Yeah, well, I told you, Tyla, when I came here that any goodness I ever had in me had been wrung out bare by my old man. And I also told you to go out there and do your own thing and stay far away from me or anyone like me, didn’t I? So, why are you here when you and I both know I have nothing good to offer you?
~ Bloodsport to his daughter, Tyla.
That's patronizing.
~ Bloodsport to Harley Quinn.
Oh, for f--k's sake...
~ Bloodsport's response to Polka-Dot Man.
Then I've decided you should eat a big bag of dicks!
~ Bloodsport to Peacemaker.
I’m an assassin! Why would I share my liabilities? AH!!!! (Sebastian shows Bloodsport a leaf) (Ratcatcher 2: “Aww, he’s offering you a pretty leaf to show you he means no harm.”) Why the f**k would I want a leaf?!
~ Bloodsport on his fear of Rats.
Peacemaker: How?
Bloodsport: Smaller bullets.
~ Bloodsport after shooting Peacemaker for his betrayal.
Bloodsport: Oh, that’s just a taste of what’s on that drive. I’ve uploaded it all to a secure server. Now, if you kill any one of us, or my daughter ever sees the inside of a prison, it goes public. If we all go free, it never has to see the light of day.
Waller: I told you I’d make you a leader, DuBois. You got a deal.
~ Bloodsport gets the final words on Waller by blackmailing her with America's shameful little secrets on Starro.


  • This is Bloodsport's second time appearing in live-action following the version of the character seen in the Arrowverse.
  • Although several characters in the film are depicted with comic book accurate outfits, Bloodsport is not one of them. However, concept art by Shane Baxley reveals that they were at least considering him wearing a red bandana and camo pants like in the comics.
  • Bloodsport's role was originally going to be that of Deadshot's with Idris Elba even being confirmed as a replacement for Will Smith initially. However, in the midway through production, James Gunn changed the character so Will Smith could still have a chance to potentially return and reprise his role in the future.
    • James Gunn stated that he didn't need to change the script but just simply changed the character. He revealed that he liked the character from the comics so he decided to include him in.
  • Idris Elba revealed in an interview that he's actually afraid of rats himself, but he got used to them during the production of the film. He later revealed that Viola Davis herself was very afraid of them and used her reactions as inspiration on how Bloodsport would interact with Ratcatcher's rats.
  • Bloodsport's helmet was inspired by the head of Xenomorph from the Alien.


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