TX-11, better known by their codename Bloody Brad, are minor antagonists of Metal Gear, being a pair of cyberdroid assassins programmed and developed by Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar.



The Brads were constructed by Dr. Madner in 1995 when he was forced by Outer Heaven to use his genius invention skills to develope the ultimate killing machine. Afterwards, the Brads were constructed as combatic artificial intelligences encased in a humanoid body of assault rifle-resistant metal.

Metal Gear

The two war-machines fought the FOXHOUND rookie codenamed Solid Snake. The stealthy operative was informed by one of his supports, Diane, that the machines were completely unstoppable. However, another support unit, Jennifer, supplied Snake with a rocket launcher that he used to destroy the Brads.



  • The Brads were originally referred to as Arnold, being a blatant reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger and role as the titular antagonist of the Terminator film.


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