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You'll know my name when you see them. They were imposters.
~ Johnny Morgan calling the police after killing all of the Bloody Face imposters

NOTE: This is only the page for the overall title of the Bloody Face taken by several people.

Bloody Face is the central antagonist of American Horror Story: Asylum. The Bloody Face is the alter ego of a serial killer that began a reign of terror in the early '60s. Kit Walker was suspected to be the killer and got imprisoned into Briarcliff Manor. The killer was infamous for killing several women, before beheading them and skinning them.

Unlike the Rubber Man, the title of the Bloody Face had been taken by several people in the same season, though there were only two of them were genuiue serial killers.


Real Bloody Face

The first and original Bloody Face is revealed to be Dr. Oliver Thredson, and the second Bloody Face is revealed to be Johnny Morgan, his son with Lana Winters through rape. Both of the real Bloody Faces were killed by Lana Winters, in the same way of shooting them in the head


Besides them, several teenagers in 2012 parodied the Bloody Face identity and pranked the tourists in the ruins of Briarcliff, but at least one of them had gleefully gone murderous and attempted to kill people using the identity.

One group of the pranksters, composed by three teenagers named Cooper, Joey and Devon, ambused in the Briarcliff Manor's ruins and tried to prank Leo and Theresa Morrison, but the prank gone out of their expectation. First, Johnny also lurked in the site and cut off Leo's arm with a malachite. Leo and Theresa escaped but was stopped by one of the imposters, Joey. Leo and Theresa killed Joey but met another imposter, Devon, who gunned them both down. Leo was presumably killed instantly (or died of heavy loss of blood later) but Theresa was still alive, just injured.

Devon and the third prankster and his brother, Cooper, argued whether the killing was necessary, before they noticed Johnny, now masked, was approaching them. Johnny killed them and hanged them on the ceiling, before calling the police to report the crime scene. When the police had arrived, they found the three imposters' corpse hanging, while Johnny already escaped and took Theresa with him, before skinning her alive.


  • The 2012 Bloody Face is less skilled at skinning than his predecessor, as he admits in "The Coat Hanger". He also confesses to practicing on dead animals at an early age. This seems to be true as his skin mask is more mangled than his father's.
  • While the 'mouth' of the 1960s Bloody Face is arranged in a demented grin, that of the 2012 Bloody Face appears as an angry snarl.


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