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Bloody Malth is a prominent villain in the original Ninja Gaiden video game. He is also the fourth boss.


Much of Bloody Malth is shrouded in mystery. Very little is known about him. Even his real name is a mystery. Bloody Malth is believed to be a descendant of a dark European clan of warriors. He wears an iron mask and wields a shield. Both items are believed to be artifacts that he inherited from his rumored clan. What is known about Bloody Malth is that he studied oriental philosophies and martial arts, including Ninjutsu, during his childhood. He eventually mastered the art of Ninjutsu and became a warrior. He somehow gained the ability to harness thunder.

Bloody Malth was discovered by an evil sorcerer named Jaquio. He quickly became the leader of Jaquio's forces. One day, Jaquio ordered Bloody Malth to disguise himself as a ninja. Bloody Malth was then ordered to fight Ken Hayabusa who was from the Hayabusa ninja clan. On a moonlit night, both warriors engaged in a duel of life or death. Ken was quickly defeated but he wasn't killed. Instead, Bloody Malth placed a mask onto Ken's face which controlled his mind. He took Ken and returned to Jaquio's temple which was located in the deep jungle of South America.

Bloody Malth was unaware that Ken Hayabusa had a son. Ken's son, Ryu Hayabusa, found a letter in his father's room. It told him go to America if his father didn't return home from his duel. Ryu then left Japan and traveled to America.


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