The Bloody Scorpion is the antagonistic force from Shock Troopers. They are a terrorist group who seeks to take over the world through their military power. Their boss, known only as “The Leader”, is a power-hungry madman. The group have carried their maneuvers secretly behind the scenes, having their forces spread in many parts of the world.

After the news of the discovery of a special drug known as “Alpha-301”, the group kidnaps the scientist responsible for the discovery, forcing him to manufacture the drug for them, as they want to use it to create an army of unbeatable super-soldiers. With the doctor's refusal, The Leader kidnaps the scientist granddaughter, threatening to kill her if he doesn't obey them. The kidnapping eventually comes to public, so the US government begins the “Operation Delta Storm”, selecting eight skilled soldiers to invade the Bloody Scorpion base, rescue the scientist and his granddaughter and destroy their headquarters.

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