Bloom Metzelei is one of the four Invaders Metzelei and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Bloom Disaster

In her first appearance, Bloom decides to visit Earth. Bloom takes Rillacle to Earth with her to be her guide though as soon as they land, Rillacle runs off to "play" with the humans. Bloom does not mind, but when Rillacle asks Bloom to join in, Bloom declines because she has work to do.

Bloom encounters the Blaze Brigade and kills several of their members, attracting the attention of Grazia. Though she has the upper hand against them, Bloom becomes distracted from the battle after hearing Fedeln Metzelei's voice. Bloom demands he leave but Fedeln refuses so she clips off his wings. Fedeln then attempts to get her to give him her honey, causing Bloom to leave Earth to get away from him.


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