Bludd is a villain in the Spawn series. He is a vampire lord in league with the Violator.


A vampire lord who lusts after power but is willing to be patient over the course of centuries to obtain it.

As his human disguise Matthew Ramus, Bludd controlled a vast multinational conglomerate called The Ramus Organization. They had their fingers in many venures around the world, including defense contracting, international security, a

After Downing's final confrontation with Leetha, he fell into a coma once again. Though Ramus publicly promised to continue the Jim Downing foundation and he financed Jim's healthcare, construction of the headquarters was halted by Bludd and later encounters Al Simmons blaming him for his mitsfortanes and Simmons forced to tell him where is Downing.

powers and abilties

Being a Vampire he posseses super strength,speed,stamina,an Durablity as well as a heaing factor and super hearing.

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