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Prattling fool! Your warrior heart is tainted by an idiot's tongue! Perhaps I shall remove both for you!
~ Bludgeon to Jazz.

Bludgeon is a Samurai-themed Decepticon warlord skilled in the ancient Cybertronian art of Metallikato. He is a recurring antagonist in Marvel's Transformers comics, first appearing at the end of the series before becoming an antagonist in Generation 2 and Regeneration One. One version of Bludgeon appeared as a minor antagonist of Dreamwave's Transformers Armada comics.


The Transformers

In Yesterday's Heroes, Bludgeon took on leadership of Thunderwing's Mayhem Atttack Squad to kill Bumblebee, Jazz and Grimlock, who had been resurrected as Pretenders. Alongside the Rescue Patrol, they were due to be teleported to Earth, which Bludgeon attempted to interrupt by shoving his blade through the transportation machine. Instead, he and the Mayhems were transported with the Autobots to the centre of Cybertron.

in The Primal Scream, his Squad found the Autobots being told of Cybertron's origins by the Keeper, and killed him, fighting the Autobots. Bludgeon and the others were at an advantage, with Bludgeon himself fighting Jazz, and he was about to kill him before being snuck up on by Bumblebee. Bludgeon was lured to a canal, where Seawatch grappled him and dragged him away with his boat mode. After Primus was awakened during the battle, the Mayhems and the Autobots were teleported to Earth, where in Surrender, they told Scorponok of Unicron's coming and joined his Decepticons on Earth. When Optimus Prime surrendered his Autobots to Scorponok in order to facilitate an alliance against Unicron, Bludgeon helped the other Decepticons imprison the surrendered Autobots.

Following Scorponok's death, Bludgeon seized control of the Decepticons, reorganising them into a new and more powerful army.

Generation 2

Bludgeon in Generation 2.

Bludgeon later constructed a spacecraft called the Warworld and traveled throughout the galaxy raiding vessels for their cargo. After gathering the necessary resources, Bludgeon began construction of a new series of Decepticon warriors.

Seeking possession of the Matrix of Leadership, Bludgeon had his forces launch a full-scale attack on Earth. However, during the attack, Bludgeon was confronted by Megatron and Starscream who were looking to take back leadership of the Decepticons. Bludgeon fought Megatron but was ultimately overpowered and defeated by the Decepticon founder.

Megatron later displayed Bludgeon's severed head aboard the Warworld.

Regneration One

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Ask Vector Prime

According to the Facebook page Ask Vector Prime, this version of Bludgeon hailed from a universe that Unicron destroyed, and joined his Heralds to serve The Ultimate Warrior. 

Armada: Worlds Collide

Bludgeon, along with his fellow Heralds GalvatronDirgeThunderwing, and Scourge were sent to prepare the Dreamwave Armada universe's Cybertron for Unicron's arrival, and captured the Decepticon Command Headquarters. After the group had activated all the space bridges in the space bridge nexus in order to destabilize local space-time, Bludgeon was left to guard the nexus while the other three went to Earth. He attacked Jetfire's unit when they arrived to investigate and put up a formidable assault, though the Autobots eventually realised the secret to his technique and forced him to retreat, leaving behind his Pretender shell. He returned when Jetfire attempted to use the space-bridge portal, but he and the rest of the Heralds was shortly blown up when Jetfire blew up the entire base. 

IDW Comics

See: Bludgeon (IDW Comics)

Transformers Cyberverse

Main article: Bludgeon (Cyberverse)


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