Bludgeon is a silent Decepticon warrior, and a major antagonist of Transformers Cyberverse. Incredibly loyal to the Decepticon cause, Bludgeon is willing to kill any Autobot or seemingly treacherous Decepticon. After killing Slipstream, Bludgeon became Windblade's archenemy.


Season 2

Bludgeon served during the Decepticon's invasion of Earth, and in Bring Me The Spark of Optimus Prime, attended Starscream's "memorial". Slipstream later approached him as he was practicing, asking if he'd seen any of her Seekers. She left in frustration when his only reply was stoic silence and slicing up a training dummy. When the Autobot Hot Rod was fleeing the Nemesis, Bludgeon unsuccessfully attempted to ambush him, but the Autobot managed to evade his sword strike and flee before Bludgeon was able to follow up. 

In Parley, Bludgeon was present when Optimus Prime and Megatron met to consider allying against Starscream's plans for the AllSpark and Vector Sigma. Bludgeon also witness Slipstream be attacked by Soundwave, and be accused of being a traitor. When she escaped, Bludgeon trailed her. After seeing Slipstream talk with Windblade about having found real information about Starscream, Bludgeon suddenly ran the Seeker through from behind. Goading Windblade into attacking, Bludgeon instigated a battle between both sides that ruined the peace talks. 

In Secret Science, Bludgeon was tasked by Shadow Striker to fand a weakness in Starscream's army of Scraplets. Using captured specimens, Bludgeon found they were vulnerable to his sword.  As soon as he was finished, he was confronted by Windblade, eager to avenge Slipstream. Despite Windblade's best efforts, Bludgeon overpowered her and was about to finish her off when Wheeljack, having just escaped after being kidnapped by Shockwave, blasted him with a Mega Magnetizer that disrupted his movements, then sent him floating helplessly into the air with an anti-gravity modulator.

Battle for Cybertron

At some point Bludgeon reunited with the Decepticons, and fought alongside them in the season 3 opener Battle for Cybertron. To prevent their Vector Sigma scheme being thwarted,  Bludgeon ambushed Windblade and Teletraan-X as they found Vector Sigma, managing to slice up the drone before attempting to end Windblade.Unfortunately, he was too busy fighting Windblade to notice Wheeljack spraying Vector Sigma with weaponized unspace material. Once Windblade kicked him towards Vector Sigma, Bludgeon wound up trapped between universes, with no way of ever returning. 


  • While Bludgeon is depicted as mute in the English version of Cyberverse, and in most other dubs, the Japanese version, which often changes the characterisation of the characters, gave him a voice, performed by Tetsu Inada.
  • While several Decepticons in Cyberverse, such as Slipstream, are depicted with sympathetic qualities, Bludgeon is straight up depicted as overtly villainous. 


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