Bludgeon is a villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW comics. He is a mutant Hammershark and the partner of Koya.


Bludgeon is a mutant Hammershark made by Shredder who first appeared in a battle between Shredder and Krang.Bludgeon is more laid back and polite than his parnther who was tasked to take over the Burolw island for the Shredder and Bludgeon and Koya later successfully take down one of Krangs ships. Bludgeon later fought the Turtles and manages to escape.After Shredder's return Bludgeon was involved in the gaunlet where he help shredder against botht Splinter and the turtles but gets blind in the progress.After Shredder's death Karai,Koya,and Bludgeon later travels to Japan which sets up Karai's path Bludgeon became a monk and later Assits Karai in taking over the Yakuza to elitminate the head thus allowing Karai to become the new head of the Yakuza after helping her get a legendary Sword.Bludgeon later appears with Karai to recliam the Foot Clan from Splinter.In the upcoming City at war arc where Karai and the others will ally themselves against Bishops forces while take back the Foot Clan with some of the Turtles Help.

Powers and Ablities

Bludgeon is a powerful mutant shark with superhuman strength,speed,and stamina with heighten senses.


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