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The Blue-eyed man is the main Anti-Villain antagonist turned supporting character of the episode "The Spy Who Learned Me" and the final antagonist from Season 23 of TV Series "The Simpsons".

This man is a man with blue-colored eyes. He looks Homer Simpson flirting with his wife, then he gets angry, he pulls out a gun and chases Homer. The Blue-eyed man he is going to kill Homer, but when he realizes the wisdom of Homer, he put away his gun.

For face him, Homer had imagined Stradivarius Cain, he told him not to be afraid and that he could face him.

At the end, he and his wife go away together and apparently he considers his friend Homer.

He was considerable an anti-villain, he just wanted to kill Homer for protect his wife.

He is voiced by Hank Azaria, who also voices in the series Bill GatesMr.Burns' GoonsDexter Colt and Moe Szyslak.

The names of this character and her wife are still unknown.


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Blue-eyed man
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