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The Blue Genie is a one-time villain from the 2016 reiteration of the Cartoon Network original series The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Green Wing". As his name suggests, he is a magical singing genie who wears blue jeans and a blue jean jacket.

He was voiced by James Marsden, who also played Sir Brad Starlight in Disney's Wander Over Yonder.


An elderly old woman named Edith bored Buttercup to death with a story about the times, when she was a young superhero named Green Wing. Buttercup wanted to put her to sleep, so she took out a record, by a musical star, known as "The Blue Genie". Edith warned her not to play the record, because that record was where she trapped one of her previous enemies, The Blue Genie. Buttercup ignored her and played the record anyway, freeing The Blue Genie into the retirement home.

The Blue Genie got up on stage and said that he was going to start a cosmic dance party, which as Green Wing said, would tear a hole in the space dance continuum. The Blue Genie sang the song "Dance 'Til Your Doom" and zapped a bunch of senior citizens with his laser fingers, causing them to dance against their wills. He also zapped Blossom and Bubbles, leaving only Buttercup and Edith free to save the day. It was hard for Buttercup to land a punch on him, because The Blue Genie had elastic stretching powers and he was a master of dodging punches.

Green Wing splashed The Blue Genie with water, getting him and his fancy leather suit all wet. Buttercup used her laser eyes on him and the heat dried up his clothes, and shrunk them, crushing him inside. The Blue Genie was restrained by his shrunken clothes and immobilized. Green Wing opened the record player and sucked The Blue Genie back into it, trapping him once again. Green Wing took out the record player and accidentally dropped it. The record shattered on the ground and a puff of smoke came out of it, accompanied by the sound of The Blue Genie's tortured scream, that suddenly went silent, implying that he probably died from that.


  • He is a parody of Elvis Presley.
  • His name is a pun on "Blue Jeans", which he wears.
  • It is likely he may have died, when Green Wing dropped and broke the record player, containing him.


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