The Blue Gorilla, nicknamed "Blugori" by the Impel Down guards and prisoners, is a large masked gorilla-like beast with a skull painted on where its face should be. Blue Gorillas wield double-sided battle-axes and have incredible physical prowess, to the point of hunting Sea Kings for food. However, they are mindless creatures and are under the command of Saldeath, who controls them with a flute. They first appeared in Chapter 526 and Episode 423.

In the manga, they have blue cloaks with dark blue fur, the black skull mark on the face is white on the "skull nose" and yellow on the eyes, and appear to have yellow flat somewhat cubed hands and feet, as obvious to their namesakes. In the anime opening, they have white cloaks with black fur on the lower half, brown fur on the wrists, and the skull mark on the face was colored a light black while the "skull nose" and eyes were red. This error was eventually fixed in their first official appearance.

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