Blue Jones

Blue Jones is an officer of the Asylum and the main antagonist from the 2011 film Sucker Punch.

He was portrayed by Oscar Isaac, who also played Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse.


Blue, from the girl's point of view, is seen as a threat. He believes he holds the power within the brothel, "I've got everything under control.". He is shown exerting his power over both Madame Gorski and the girls.

After observing the girls changing behaviors as a result of Babydoll's presence Blue begins to become suspicious of the activities of the girls, and ultimately overhears Blondie talking about the girls plan to escape. As a result he directly confronts them leading to the death of both Amber and Blondie. In a fit of rage Blue begins to advance strongly upon Baby Doll claiming that he does not want anybody to play with his "toys". However Baby overpowers him, stabbing him with the knife that was collected from the cook claiming that he will never have her.

Back at the asylum after Baby Doll is lobotomized it is revealed that Blue faked Dr. Gorski's signature on the medical forms. As a way of getting revenge upon Baby for being stabbed, Blue once again attempts to advance upon her this time crying due to Baby not being able to struggle. To get a reaction Blue begins to strangle Baby Doll; however before he can do any harm police officers detain him and arrest him for forgery. As he is being taken away he yells out about the money and claims he would tell the officers everything, although there was never really any chance he would not get caught.


  • Although the stepfather was the mastermind and drove the plot of sending Babydoll to the asylum, Blu had more screen-time because he did all the work and bigger plans than anyone and was more dangerous.
  • Isaac starred in another movie with one of the actors Abbie Cornish which was released on the same year as Sucker Punch.
  • Orginally, Babydoll was going kill Blu by stabbing in one of his shoulders, in which he actually survives.
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