The Blue Nation are an antagonistic nation in the Army Men series. Unlike the other nations in the Plastic World, they rely less on military strength and more on spy tactics and covert operations.

In most games, they are allied with the Tan Republic though they have also teamed up with the Green Nation on occasion.


Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

A Blue spy was seen assisting the Tan Republic in this game. However, Sarge caught sight of him and chased him through a portal to the Real World before capturing him.

Army Men: World War

At one point, the Greens help save a Blue city when it is invaded by the Tan Republic. After pushing the Tan forces back, the Green and Blue forces launch a joint invasion of the Tan Republic.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

After being plastered in the previous Sarge's Heroes installment, General Plastro was saved by a spy from the Blue Nation, Bridgette Bleu. Bridgette Bleu also assisted Plastro in capturing Bravo Company. However, Plastro eventually turned on the Blues and had his forces attack them.