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Blue Suns mercs in action

The Blue Suns were the most powerful mercenary group in the Terminus Systems and recurring enemies in Mass Effect 2


The Blue Suns were co-founded by Zaeed Massani and Vido Santiago, with the latter managing administrative duties while the former led the men into action; for a time, the partnership was successful, and Zaeed fondly looks back at his years with the Suns as some of the best in his life. However, when Vido attempted to hire Batarians as "cheaper labor", Zaeed opposed the decision, considering the batarians to be terrorists. This proved to be just the first of many incidents of Zaeed opposing suggestions put forth by Vido, and eventually Vido decided that Zaeed had to go.

Paying off six of his partner's best men to hold him down while he shot him in the face, Vido seized complete control of the Blue Suns, hiring as many batrians as he pleased. He eventually appointed batarian slaver Solem Dal'serah, who is now publicly believed to be the founder of the mercanary group, as head of operations while giving himself the position of "Co-Executive Officer" and continuing the control the organization from behind the scenes. This act served to purposes; with a batarian believed to be the founder and leader of the Blue Suns, their batarian benefactors would be placated, while at the same time diverting unwanted attention away from Vido and lowering the risk of assassination attempts. To this day, only a select handful of mercs within the organisation are aware of Vido's true position within it's hierarchy.

Afterwards the Blue Suns would get progressively more cruel (at least according to a still-living Zaeed), and began dabbling in everything from slave-trading and slave labor to outright terrorism. Blue Suns cells were present all throughout the Terminus Systems, where they performed all manner of crimes and misdeeds. During his/her fight to stop the Collectors, Commander Shepard wiped out several Blue Suns cells and crippled many of their operations throughout the Terminus Systems, though it's unclear just how much damage this did to them as a whole.

Though still very much amoral and self-interested, when the Reapers appeared the Blue Suns recognized the threat they posed and agreed to enter a temporary alliance with the rest of the galaxy against the greater threat. It is unknown what happened to them after this, or even if the organization survived to the end of the Reaper War.

List of Notable Members

  • Zaeed Massani: Co-Founder.
  • Vido Santiago : Co-Founder and current leader.
  • Tarak: Leader of Blue Suns forces on Omega.
  • Jentha: Tarak's second in command.
  • Jedore: Leader of Blue Suns forces on Korlus.
  • Warden Kuril: Leader of Blue Suns on the prison ship Purgatory.


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