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Bluebird Azurite, at your service!
~ Bluebird's introduction.
An era ago, there were two Gems, celebrated for taking down Homeworld's greatest traitor. But then they were cast out, forgotten, when the traitor duped all of Homeworld into loving him instead. Now, they've come to Earth for their revenge! And forever shall he rue the names: Aquamarine and Ruby!
~ Bluebird's vendetta.

Bluebird Azurite, or just known as Bluebird for short, is a major antagonist in the 2019 limited series Steven Universe Future, appearing as the titular main antagonist of the 5th episode "Bluebird". She is a fusion of the two gems Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby, who is bent on getting revenge on Steven Universe and his arch-nemesis.

She is voiced by Larissa Gallagher.


Bluebird Azurite is a small and diminutive Gem fusion, having predominantly blue skin with splotches of red and teal, red short hair in a bowl cut, and four legs. She wears a collared shirt divided into blue and red and blue, a dark navy tie with color matching pants and pale red boots. Her water wings (a trait shared with her fusion component Aquamarine) are more stylized slightly resembling pixie wings. Bluebird's gemstones are located in her left eye and in her left cheek, respectively.


She debuts in her titular episode; "Bluebird", where Steven arrives at his home to find another welcome party going on. Bluebird happily greets herself to him, but Steven sees their gems and immediately realises Bluebird's true identities of Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby. Steven rushes Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst into the bathroom where he explains this, but the gems are fully aware and believe that the two should be given a clean slate, like the rest of Homeworld was and that they'll squash them if things go south. After exiting, Bluebird offers Steven some "food" she prepared (a plate of grass, peanut butter and clams).

Throughout the episode, Steven continues to worry and jump to conclusions, but sees that Bluebird had befriended and earned the trust of the other gems as well as Greg. Eventually, Steven decides to believe that Bluebird is in fact a good gem and that her components have reformed, but soon finds her holding Greg hostage at the roof of his Beach House.

Aquamarine and Eyeball soon reveal themselves, with them both having believed to have Steven and the other Crystal Gems fooled. Steven points out that he knew however, and so did everyone else. This causes Eyeball to question as to why they were so nice if they knew their true identities but Steven claims that this is simply because they are nice.

Aquamarine then proceeds to threaten Steven through dangling Greg over the roof, demanding that he destroys his house, bubbles all his friends and burns Little Homeworld to the ground. Steven refuses and Aquamarine orders Eyeball to kill Greg with her chisel knife, but Greg in turn snatches it and cuts his hair in order to escape the gem's grasp.

Steven catches his father, and Aquamarine throws Greg's hair down in disgust. Greg is heartbroken over losing the majority of his remaining hair, and Steven tells him to go inside which he does. Afterwards, Steven turns pink and furiously attacks Aquamarine and Eyeball, the two gems attempt to fuse but are unable to and end up fighting. Seeing this, Steven calms down and attempts to reach out to them both, but to no avail, as the two gems exclaim their hate for him and successfully fuse.

Bluebird then attacks Steven with an ice cutlass, but the Gems come out and witness what is happening. Upon noticing them, Bluebird attempts to use her "niceness" to blend back in again, but the three promptly fuse into Alexandrite and separate them. After Aquamarine taunts Steven briefly, she carries Eyeball off, with the two saying that they'll always be hating Steven forever before flying away.

The episode ends with Steven apologising to his father, saying that he never should've trusted Bluebird. Greg assures him that it's alright and that he admires Steven's desire to see that people can change and redeem themselves, but warns that not everyone will want to.


  • As of her debut episode, Bluebird is currently the shortest fusion shown in the series so far, similar in height to her component Gems (though slightly larger).
  • It is currently unknown what her (including Aquamarine and Eyeball) fate is after the events of Future. However, Rebecca Sugar has confirmed the franchise will return in some form, though whether Bluebird will make a reappearance is unknown.
    • If she does, it could be likely that Bluebird (or Aquamarine and Eyeball Ruby) could appear as the main antagonist or a major antagonist.
  • Somewhat ironically, fans of the show had theorised who Bluebird was and were proven correct in her debut.
  • She is arguably the most evil character in Steven Universe due to the fact that she was still willing to try and kill Greg and Steven, while fooling the Crystal Gems and taking advantage of their trust.
  • Despite Bluebird and her fusion components being the only villains not to redeem themselves in the series. This did still carry a very important message for viewers, which is that not everyone can be redeemed as some either don't want to, or are just too far gone. This is the case with Aquamarine and Eyeball, as they both hate Steven, but then discover that that's what they have in common.


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