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We were pawns in their game. But the thing that I love about chess is that sometimes, pawns kill kings.
~ Mark Temple about Project Freelancer and the UNSC

The Blues and Reds are a team of Sim Troopers with similar personalities to the Reds and Blues. In retribution for being used by the UNSC and for the death of their fallen comrade Biff, they have carried out several terrorist attacks against the UNSC and framed the Reds and Blues for them.

The Blues and Reds are led by Mark Temple, who seeks revenge against the Freelancers and has been tracking them down and killing them by leaving them frozen in armor lock.

They are the main antagonistic faction of Season 15 of Red Vs. Blue.


Originally, the Blues and Reds were much like the Reds and Blues; carefree idiots who were stuck fighting over two bases in the middle of a box canyon. Temple and Biff, however, were friends from their past but placed on separate teams. The two planned to get Biff sent home to his pregnant girlfriend by shooting off his pinky finger in front of witnesses so he would be medically discharged. However, Freelancers Tex and Carolina were placed in charge of the two teams in a game of capture the flag, forcing the two teams to fight each other for real. During a grudge match between Tex and Carolina, Biff is killed, much to Temple's grief.

Years later, the Blues and Reds learned the truth about their deployment; they were sold out by the UNSC as pawns to Project Freelancer to test their agents' skills. Angered by this revelation and by Biff's death, they began carrying out terrorist attacks on the UNSC, specifically Project Freelancer personnel.

When the Blues and Reds meet the Reds and Blues for the first time, Temple convinces them that the UNSC is killing former Freelancers to erase any of their misdeeds, claiming their own attacks were in self-defense. However, Washington and Carolina soon find Temple's "trophy room": a collection of dead Freelancers who were armor-locked and left to die from starvation and/or thirst. Temple armor-locks them as well before taunting them and leaving them to die.

The Blues and Reds catch ID reporter Dylan Andrews snooping around Temple's office, and they bring her and Jax Jonez (her cameraman) to a private room where they reveal the motives behind their actions, as well as their intentions for their future plans.

The Blues and Reds have also recruited the Grunts, as well as Sarge and Doc, to their cause, stating the Reds and Blues are the only Simulation Troopers to have not joined their cause. Locus also reveals later on that the Blues and Reds stole their power generator from a colony of refugees, which eventually caused them all to die.



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