Blunt is one of the villains from Armed Police Batrider.


Blunt is highly-skilled hacker, who could invade and steal any kind of information he desired and use it for his own purposes. He was eventually imprisoned and sentenced to 325 years of hard labor, but escaped with the help of Gigayama Tiger and Envy, so that he could use his skills to help Gigayama's company, Gigantech Cybertron.

Blunt pilots the humanoid mech "YELLOW", which has a dual-fire control system, controlled by him and Klingon, his cat partner. They are able to comunicate with each other through the net and coordinate their attacks perfectly, making YELLOW a fierce opponent. Blunt faces the Zero-Cops in the highway connecting Manhattan and Zenovia City, along with Envy and Sobut, but his mech is destroyed and he is arrested.

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