BoBoiBot is one of the antagonists of BoBoiBoy series' season 3 and one of Adu Du creation, which he build him based on original BoBoiBoy for destroy and kill him.


BoBoiBot is an arrogant, cruel, sadistic, destructive, and merciless robot. He likes to mocking the original BoBoiBoy due his superiority, and is very loyal and steadfast towards Adu Du. However, after Adu Du calling him useless after he become fat after transforming into BoBoiBot Water 2.0, he becomes traitorous and dishonest at him, so he starts to betray him and willing to attack him.


BoBoiBot is first seen on episode 14 of season 3 after Adu Du success to collect a sample of BoBoiBoy element, his hair, his tear and his fingerprints which led him success to finish create him and activated in episode 17. When Adu Du convince the citizen of Rintis Island that BoBoiBoy is to dangerous to be a hero due his new power, BoBoiBoy start become depressed and angered , and start become BoBoiBoy Fire to finish him.However, due he still unable to control his power and almost hurting the citizen , BoBoiBot turns into BoBoiBot Fire "2.0" and breaks free from grasp, and creates a Giant Fire Ball "2.0", whose heat even BoBoiBoy Fire cannot endure. He then has to return to his original self, and BoBoiBot become a new "hero" of Rintis Island

Due Adu Du start have favor at BoBoiBot too much, Probe begin jealous over him and decide to tell BoBoiBoy about BoBoiBot true weakness, so BoBoiBoy able to defeat him and making Probe become Adu Du favorite robot once again. In this situation, Adu Du start his another evil plan by forcing the citizen who already helped by BoBoiBoy to pay a donation at him.If they refuse, Adu Du order BoBoiBot will attack and punish the citizen, which made the heroes and Papa Zola to help BoBoiBoy to found his another new power to defeat BoBoiBot

After BoBoiBoy success to get his water element power, he finally ready to face BoBoiBot by himself. When he almost success overcome BoBoiBot, Adu Du trick him and the citizen by offering them a water, and later he take water sample to made BoBoiBot transform into "BoBoiBot Water 2.0". When he success transform into "BoBoiBot Water 2.0", just like BoBoiBoy, BoBoiBot become fat. Adu Du said why he was fat but BoBoiBot said it wasn't a problem at all.He tried to make water ball but fell and the Water Ball he made hit him. Seeing this Adu Du said BoBoiBot was useless, BoBoiBot become mad and start to use his power to made a flood the village, which made Adu Du amazed. Adu Du was happy but then realised he would be drowned too but BoBoiBot said he did not care because Adu Du said he was useless just now. He attacked Adu Du but Probe defended Adu Du. Seeing the situation got worsening, BoBoiBoy quickly to save the others by using "Thunderstorm Water Eels" and succeed to defeat him, later explode. Before finally shut down, he praise BoBoiBoy by say "Awesome"


  • Even though he is an evil counterpart of BoBoiBoy, he doesn't control enough elements like him.
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