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I am Boar! I am unstoppable! I am invis... insiv... I AM BOAR!!!
~ Boar's catchphrase

Boar is the main antagonist of the 2015 Kung Fu Panda minifilm Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll.

He was voiced by Jayden Lund.



Nothing is known about the backstory of Boar.  

Secrets of the Scrolls

Boar is first mentioned by Oogway (who serves as the film's narrator) as being an unstoppable and invincible fighter who spends his days laying waste to villages everywhere and easily defeating all of their best warriors. Eventually, one warrior warns Boar that Master Shifu will stop him. Thus, Boar turns his attention to the Valley of Peace and decides to storm the Jade Palace to defeat Shifu.

However, Shifu, having fallen ill from food poisoning, is unable to fight Boar, so he begrudgingly sends Tigress to fight in his place. She confronts Boar at the edge of the Valley and tries to fight him with traditional kung fu, but it has no effect on Boar. He quickly beats Tigress down and prepares to finish her off, but then Crane, Monkey, Viper, and Mantis show up and ambush Boar. Using their own fighting styles, they distract Boar long enough for Tigress to recover and jump back into the fray. Together, the five warriors muster up one final attack and defeat Boar.


Concept art of Boar.

Boar is extremely egotistical, loudly and proudly proclaiming his name and the fact that he is unstoppable whenever he shows up to raze a village.  This is very likely due to his sheer strength allowing him to dispose of any warrior that tries to stop him without any difficulty.  Despite this, Boar sometimes seeks a challenge and becomes disappointed when he doesn't get any, as seen when he defeats Tigress (believing her to be Master Shifu) and is surprised by how easily she falls to him.  He also has a sadistic side as he seems to take pleasure in destroying villages and beating up other animals.


Boar upon hearing of Master Shifu.

Boar is large and has a stocky build.  His size allows him to pulverize enemies and resist almost any attack. He has long, bulky arms, short legs, two large tusks, and a black mohawk.  He wears a vest, and a few other clothing items.


  • Boar is the first enemy that the Furious Five face together, and is a factor in the formation of the group.



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