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Quoth the raven nevermore. *Laughter*
~ Board James
Nerd! The whole world is finally a board game! Isn't it amazing?!
~ Board James in ASSimilation

Board James is the titular protagonist (and sometimes antagonist) of the series Board James created by Cinnamassacre.


Board James started as a simple reviewer, starting with Mouse Trap. It was all normal until the episode "Mr. Bucket", which had James and Motherfucker Mike attempt to survive the "ball chewing" bucket. The next time this side of the series was shown was in the infamous episode titled "Dream Phone" where a voice on the phone was killing James' friends (Bootsy was hung, Mike was stabbed).


James is a Caucasian male who has a cap and basic clothes. He is almost always obstructed by a board game however.


Board James was originally a nice person who had a short temper until Dream Phone, where he had become mentally unstable and psychopathic to the point of torturing his best friend. He also seems to care more about himself and his games then other people.

Villianous Acts

  • Commited multiple murders as the Hang Man
  • Killed Mike and Bootsy multiple times
  • Tortured Mike and Bootsy



  • Board James is a direct contrast to the Nerd where as the latter prefers Video Games, the former prefers Board Games.
  • Board James was revealed to be the Nerd in episode 25
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