The Boat Captain is a supporting antagonist of the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall. He is a an unnamed boat captain who serves as an enforcer to the cyber-terrorist Raoul Silva.

He was portrayed by Milorad Kapor.


The Boat Captain was first seen in his boat in Shanghai awaiting for Silva's mistress Severine following the death of Patrice at the hands of MI6 agent James Bond. However, Silva soon learns that Severine has defected herself to Bond for her safety.

To that end, Silva gets the Captain and his crew to hold both Bond and Severine hostages and deliver them to Silva's island. During the meeting between Bond and Silva, the Captain was seen helping the rest of Silva's men in preparing a classic game by using Severine as a target with a glass of alcohol on her head.

By Silva's orders, the Captain holds Bond at gunpoint to make him shoot down the glass if he can. After Bond failed, Silva kills Severine, but this resorted an angry Bond to smack the Captain's arm before shooting down the rest of the Silva's men with the Captain's gun. One of the thugs tried to shoot down Bond with his rifle, but Bond spins the captain into the path of the bullets. As such, the Captain is accidentally shot to his death by the thug, who would later end up shot to death by Bond while Silva is arrested by MI6.

Bond would later find out that Silva was planning to get himself arrested as part of his true plan to discredit MI6 and kill M for betraying him to the Chinese (which became a complete success). It also turns out that the Captain was nothing more than a pawn alongside Silva and the rest of Silva's thugs; all of them used by Ernst Stavro Blofeld (the leader of SPECTRE) in his true plot of wreaking psychological pain on Bond.



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