Our people have located monster tracks coming toward town.
~ Bob informing about Herman's presence in town.

Bob is one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Guy Graham) of the 1999 animated Disney film Doug's 1st Movie. He is a high-ranking employee of BluffCo Industries serving as second-in-command of Bill Bluff.

He was voiced by Bob Boltone.


It was told that a mutated (yet harmless) lizard resided in Lucky Duck Lake as it was polluted, and that Bluff is responsible for it as he got his company to dump waste that caused the mutation in the first place. Upon seeing the creature in person, Doug and Skeeter decided to name him "Herman Meville" and produce their story to the public in hopes of ending the pollution.

However, Bluff soon learned about Herman's existence from Guy Graham, so he orders Bob and the Bluff Agents to search around Bluffington to capture the monster at all costs. Bob tried to deduce the monster's location three times, only to fail miserably. However, he and the agents were able to track down Herman and capture him near the polluted lake while Bluff silences an objecting Doug and Skeeter by threatening to make their lives very miserable at school.

With Herman captured, Bob tags along with Bluff's plan to unleash Herman into the dance and have his agents take him down in order to make himself look like a hero. However, Doug and Skeeter see a newspaper written by Guy detailing the plot and formulated a plot of rescue by having Al & Moo to reprogram a robot to pose itself as a monster while Doug and Skeeter find Herman trapped inside a giant heart-shaped decoration before freeing him. Doug and Skeeter then escape with Herman, leaving Bob and the other agents to realize that they been had.

Following Herman's escape into Crystal Lake, Bluff's plot was exposed afterwards before Bluff finally agreed to cease his pollution in Lucky Duck Lake in order to avoid further trouble. It is unknown what happened to Bob afterwards, though it might be likely that he and the other agents may tag along with Bluff's next assignment to clean up Lucky Duck Lake for good.


  • His name is a possible reference to his voice actor.


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