But... May Day and my men! (Zorin: Yeah, a convienent coincidence.) Mr. Zorin, those men are LOYAL TO YOU!!
~ Conley's last words.

Bob Conley is a supporting antagonist of the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill. He was a corrupt geologist working for Max Zorin of Zorin Industries until the events of the film.

He was portrayed by the late Manning Redwood.


Conley started off as a chief engineer in a South African gold mine, where a cave-in killed 20 miners. To avoid charges, he fled away to work for Zorin Industries, serving as Zorin's mining engineer while being to handle his oil pumping project in the San Francisco Bay.

To that end, Conley pumps sea water into the San Andreas Fault and Hayward Fault through a series of oil wells so that Zorin can formulate Project Mainstrike, which involves creating an artificial earthquake by breaking the geological lock between the San Andreas Fault and Hayward Fault, which would flood Silicon Valley and leave Zorin Industries in charge of the microchip industry.

During the final phases of the plan, Conley and his miners were tasked in providing explosives that would set off the reaction. However, Conley became extremely shocked that Zorin intends to blow up the mine in an early time, which would kill many of the workers (including May Day, Jenny Flex and Pan Ho). When Conley points this out, Zorin does not care by saying that it is a "convenient coincidence", implying that he is willing to kill them all to speed up the process of his plan.

Realizing that this has gone out of hand, Conley angrily berates Zorin for his lack of concern towards his men, but Scarpine just clubs Conley on the back with a wrench, knocking him out. Zorin then floods the mines before he and Scarpine shoot down the miners. It can be implied that Conley has drowned to his death along with Pan, Jenny and many others.

Eventually, killing Conley proved to be Zorin's big mistake as it drove an angry May Day to foil Zorin's plot by sacrificing herself to get the bomb out into open air, thus saving Silicon Valley and allowing Bond to defeat Zorin for good.



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