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Ah, forget it. I'll use the same plan that's made me the rich man I am today: if you're short on great ideas, "borrow" someone else's!
~ Bob to XY.
The ladybug and cat got you. Serves you right! What did you think, kid? That I was going to tell everybody the truth? That I stole Kitty Section's song and your girlfriend's costumes, so I could give them to my talentless son? You didn't think that superheroes would come to save me, huh? That's right! They work for me now!...What's up with you guys? Why are you all smiling like that?!
~ Bob accidentally revealing his true nature while taunting Luka Couffaine.

Robert "Bob" Roth (also known as Moolak in his Akumatized form) is a minor antagonist in the French-superhero animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is the owner of the music company Bob Roth Records, the father of singer XY, and Jagged Stone's producer.

He is voiced by Gilbert Lévy in the original French version, and by Grant George in the English dubbed version, who also voiced Sorata Muon/Mouse in the anime Mouse.


Cat Noir: We usually save the good guys from the baddies, but I've got my doubts about this one. You sure he hasn't been Akumatized?
Ladybug: Nope. He's like that all the time.
~ Ladybug and Cat Noir commenting on Bob's behavior.

Bob is very arrogant and greedy, as he only cares about money and fame, which is shown in "Guitar Villain" when he asks Jagged Stone to change his style to match that of XY, in order to sell more albums. He'll be dishonest in order to get his way, lying to Marinette when he asks her to create Jagged Stone's new album cover, which Jagged Stone requested, and tells her to base it off of the previous cover test design that is similar to the style of XY's promotional artwork. However, while begrudgingly, he does back down if he is threatened, not wanting to lose Jagged Stone's sales or deal with the wrath of his pet crocodile, Fang.

In "Silencer", he is shown to be cowardly, hiding behind Marinette when being threatened by the titular villain or when he used Ladybug as a shield to defend himself against Silencer at the cost of the heroine losing her voice. His dishonesty also continues when he refuses to admit that he stole everything from Kitty Section and isn't afraid to blackmail others to get them out of his way, meaning that he is also pushy and forceful towards others to do their job like with Ladybug. Once out of danger, he is also boastful which led to him carelessly revealing the truth on live television. Also in the aforementioned episode, he is a father who spoils his son XY whom he indulges and has never taught XY any morals or ethics as he always allows his son to steal other singers' ideas.

Overall, Bob is a very arrogant, cowardly, greedy, and corrupt businessman, who only cares about money, and being "number one" at the music industry, while forcing Jagged Stone to do things his way, stealing Kitty Section's ideas (which are the costumes that Marinette designed for the band) and music and having his son XY plagiarize their works as his own, additionally not teaching his son any morals at all. He also threatened to falsely accuse Marinette and her friends of plagiarism and ruin their reputations, which is what drove Luka to become Akumatized by Hawk Moth into Silencer.

As Moolak, Bob retains his greedy personality, but is even more ruthless, being willing to gain money by turning people into coins (effectively killing them).


Bob is tall with light gray receding hair, a gray mustache, tan skin, and yellow-green eyes. Additionally, he wears white dress pants and a white suit jacket over a pink shirt with gray buttons. His dress shoes are brown with silver tips. He also wears yellow-green sunglasses with black rims on his head, a thick gold necklace around his neck, and a gold ring with a red spot on the middle finger on his right hand.

As Moolak, his skin and eyes become a bright golden color.


Season 1


Season 2


Season 3



Jagged Stone

Though Bob is Jagged Stone's producer, Jagged and Bob do not get along very well. Bob is always trying to pressure him into changing his style into something more "modern" like XY, something Jagged is completely against. He also threatens to drop Jagged from his record label if his album doesn't hit #1 on the charts.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Bob first encounters Marinette in "Guitar Villain" when he offers her a chance to design Jagged Stone's new album cover, though he lies to her and says that Jagged is changing his style in order to ensure that she makes an album cover like XY's. In "Troublemaker", he is fine with filming Jagged Stone in her parents' bakery.

However, in "Silencer", he has no qualms about stealing her costume ideas for XY. When Marinette confronts him about this and decides to tell the truth on live TV, Bob threatens to ruin her reputation if she does so, reminding her that people wouldn't believe her anyway.


Bob is fond of XY's style and constantly tries to encourage Jagged to change his style to be more like his.

In "Silencer", it is revealed that Bob and XY are father and son. The two get along quite well as they both are fond of stealing others' ideas to achieve success. This connotes that he doesn’t teach his son anything about morals and ethics in entertainment business.

Luka Couffaine

When Luka, along with Marinette, confronts Bob about him stealing Kitty Section's idea, Bob dismisses his claims and threatens Marinette in front of him, angering him so much that he gets Akumatized.


Bottom line is that Bob Roth Records cannot afford to be #2 in sales or rep. a #2 rock star!
~ Bob to Jagged Stone in "Guitar Villain".
Eh heh heh heh heh. Precisely! It was all just a big joke! I actually happen to love the band Kitten Division! In fact, I love them so much that I was about to sign them to their first record deal! And now, they're going to finish off this show with their very own song! I didn't mention it earlier, to keep it a surprise! But it was my idea from the start!
~ Bob cowardly trying to cover up his actions.


  • Bob's name and status may be a reference to real Canadian music producer Bob Rock.
  • He is similar to Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants, as both are obsessed with money and can be villainous in their pursuit for it. Though the latter sometimes shows a good side, while the former only did this to save face.


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