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You're going to tell me anything that I need because I'm Bob Saget. I started in Full House for 8 years and I'm f***ing out of my mind! Hahahahaha!
~ Bob Saget to Sanjee.

Robert Lane "Bob" Saget is an American stand-up comedian, actor and television host. A fictionalized portrayal of him appears as the main antagonist in The Nutshack episode, 420. He was hired by the President of the United States to get a rid of all weeds in order to get away from Full House.


He first appears in a cave where Sanjee and Dwayne were tripped. He then forces Sanjee to tell where Phil and his gang were at and he says that they are at Fairfield. Dwayne uses Sanjee's cellphone to tell Phil and his gang that they must go home, but the gang disagrees and instead get a phone call from Tito Dick.

When they are at church, Horatio jumps to the water and get struck by lighting. Bob Saget then sneaks in and trips them into the cave. While they are at the cave, Phil finds a light switch only for it to turn out to be Bob's dick. Then, the fire lights are on and Bob appears. He tells them that he was upset because people keep thinking him as Danny Tanner from the ABC sitcom Full House and Phil believed that he killed Snoop Dogg. After the talking, Phil takes Bob's gun and kills him with one bullet. Then, he comes back from dead claiming that he has two hearts and Phil kills him once again.

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