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Robert "Bob" Underwood is an antagonist in the ABC Family original series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He is the father of Ricky Underwood, and he is the reason why Ricky suffered from a traumatic childhood. He is by far the cruelest antagonist of the show.

He was portrayed by Brian Callen from MADtv fame.


Bob Underwood was an extremely abusive man to his son, Ricky, and wife, Nora. Throughout their lives, he sexually and physically abused both of them, an act that would cause Nora to develop a drug addiction and go to jail for it. According to Ricky, he would sexually abuse him every night to teach him "one of his lessons" until he finally turned him in.

Bob eventually got out of prison on parole around the time Ricky was about to have a baby with Amy Juergens. He came up with a plan to talk Ricky into giving the baby to him once he's born, so he can sell him to a "nice couple" (most likely human traffickers), secretly for money to buy drugs with. When he visits Amy at her house, she is horrified and tries to get him to leave, but not before he talks her father into believing that Ricky has been telling lies about him.

When he finds out that Ricky is at a batting cage with Grace and meets them there, Ricky attacks him with a bat and forces him to leave. Bob does so, but still tries in his best attempt to get Ricky to sell him their child-telling Ricky that if he we want him to leave, he needs the money in order to do so. Fortunately, Bob was arrested once again when Jack caught him buying drugs.

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