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Bob the Squirrel is a squirrel that appears The 7d in episode "Sneezin' Season".


Bob has the appearance of a regular squirrel. He's brown and has big eyes with dots in them.


Bob is playful and mischievous. Overall he's friendly but he's shown to have a bit of dark side, fanatically laughing with the Glooms much to their surprise.

In the show

In the episode "Sneezin' Season", he appears in the Jolly Berry trees, playing with Dopey. He later spots the Glooms and crawls into Grimwold, eating his berries and gets sneezed away with the Glooms by Sneezy. For some reason he decides to join the Glooms as they attempt to get Grumpy's beard hair but gets sneezed away with them each time. When the Jolly Berry Pie Festival starts, he tags along with a kid-sized Hildy to get Grumpy's whiskers. The two, hidden in some pies, are unknowingly taken by Sneezy to Grumpy and as she clips off some hair, Sneezy sneezes her back to Grimwold while Bob jumps onto Grumpy. Doc then realizes that it's Bob that Sneezy is extremely allergic to, just as the Glooms prepare to make their conquering spell. Bob then helps Grumpy thwart the Glooms by making Sneezy sneeze a ton of pies onto them.

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