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Villain Overview

He's no good to me dead.
~ Boba Fett about Han Solo.
What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me.
~ Boba Fett to Darth Vader, putting Han Solo in the freezing carbon chamber.
I'm a simple man making his way through the galaxy. Like my father before me.
~ Boba Fett to The Mandalorian.
Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect.
~ Boba Fett in the trailer for The Book of Boba Fett.

Boba Fett is a major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. Originally codenamed Alpha, he is a pure clone of Jango Fett specifically made to be raised as Jango's own son. As a result, he remains heavily unaltered in contrast to the Clone Troopers and instead retains Jango's original genetic DNA.

Ever since the death of his father, Boba Fett continued on his legacy as a bounty hunter, working alongside various bounty hunters, as well taking on other bounties made available to him. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Boba Fett became one of the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunters across the outer region.


He served as the secondary antagonist of The Empire Strikes Back and a minor antagonist in Return of the Jedi. As a boy, he was also a supporting antagonist in Attack of the Clones, the second film of the prequel trilogy, and a recurring antagonist in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series.

He also made a cameo appearance in both the special edition release of A New Hope and Season 1 of the Disney+ television series The Mandalorian. He later returns as a supporting protagonist in Season 2 of The Mandalorian and the titular protagonist of the Disney+ television show The Book of Boba Fett.

Roles in Video-Games

Boba Fett is a supporting antagonist in Star Wars: Dark Forces, Shadows of the Empire, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Force Unleashed II as well as a mentioned character in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.


In his youth, Boba held his father in high esteem despite being an almost moral bounty hunter and did not hesitate to attempt to take down Obi-Wan in defense of his father. When Jango was killed by Windu, Boba vowed revenge on the Jedi Master for justice, going so far as to ally himself with other unscrupulous bounty hunters. His desire for revenge, however, did not cause him to become as despicable as his partners, refusing to kill hostages to the point that Aurra Sing did so herself. After his capture following Hondo Ohnaka's advice to act with dignity as Jango would have done, Boba admitted that he had done wrong but still vowed never to forgive Windu for what he had done to his father.

Boba's incarceration had the effect of toughening him up further, making him more aggressive and ready to fight adults and doing bounty hunter missions for nothing but money. He also didn't like being disrespected for his status as a minor, like Asajj Ventress during the collaboration where the former Sith assassin ended up doubling him.

As an adult, Boba had acquired a reputation as a ruthless bounty hunter that eclipsed that of his father. He was much quieter than his younger and less emotional counterpart, speaking very little and just to get right to the point. His motivation remained mostly bounty, refusing to let Han Solo die so he could bring him to Jabba to earn the money on his head. Despite his ruthless nature and experiences with the Jedi, he underestimated his enemies too much, having been beaten by Luke Skywalker and Solo quite easily and ending up in the Sarlacc.

Many years after escaping from the Sarlacc and losing his armor, Boba had mellowed considerably, no longer being as heartless and cold as during the Imperial Age and had apparently given up on being a bounty hunter. His desire to get his armor back was mostly motivated by the desire to uphold his father's legacy, which he continued to hold in high esteem throughout time, which can also be seen when he got angry over Bo-Katan's claim that Jango was only his genetic donor. He was even willing to compromise with Din Djarin to get his armor back in exchange for what he would undertake to ensure Grogu's safety, showing that Boba has a certain sense of honor.

Boba doesn't have much respect for the Mandalorians despite their status as formidable warriors. After Grogu's rescue, Boba decided to take control of Jabba's palace, showing much greater ambition than during the Republic and The Empire. However, he wants to rule his criminal empire with respect, instead of fear.



  • He was portrayed by the late Jeremy Bulloch and John Morton in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
  • He was portrayed by Mark Austin, Don Bies and Nelson Hall in the special edition of Return of the Jedi
  • He was portrayed by Daniel Logan in Attack of the Clones, who also voiced Boba Fett in The Clone Wars,and an adult Boba in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in style of Boba'original trilogy portrayal.
  • He is portrayed by Temuera Morrison in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, who also played his father Jango in Attack of the Clones, Azazello in The Island of Dr. Moreau and Powell in Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

Voice Actors

  • He was voiced by the late Jason Wingreen from 1980 to 2004.
  • He was voiced by Temuera Morrison in numerous Star Wars video games from 2004 to 2017.

Relationship with the Mandalorians

Din Djarin: Your father was a foundling.
Boba Fett: Yes. He even fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars.
~ Boba revealing his father's ties to the Mandalorians.

Boba Fett's relationship with the Mandalorians used to remain an ongoing, unsolved topic amongst the Star Wars community. Though the creational concept of the Mandalorians were based on Boba Fett and were popularized by the character, Boba Fett himself was believed to not be a true Mandalorian in the Disney canon. Even before George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney, he always believed that Boba and his father, Jango Fett, were not true Mandalorians.

While Jango Fett was established to be a man that stole Mandalorian armor, Boba Fett's relation to the Mandalorians remained vague. It is unclear how he acquired the Mandalorian armor. It could be that the armor he wears is a heavily modified version of Jango Fett's, though the only issue with this is that the armor possesses the Mandalorian insignia on the left shoulder pad. It should be noted, however that this was back when Boba Fett was the only known character that possessed this armor and the Mandalorians were not fully established yet. It's also possible that Boba Fett may have stolen the armor from a Mandalorian at one point. Before Star Wars: The Clone Wars was cancelled, it was revealed that Boba Fett would have don his iconic green armor, as shown in a deleted scene with Cad Bane (this scene also revealed how Boba Fett would have gotten the dent on his helmet).

In the Legends continuity, Jango Fett was fully established as being a true Mandalorian that fought alongside a group against Tor Vizsla's Death Watch. Due to being an exact clone of him, Boba Fett can be considered to be a Mandalorian himself and because of this, Boba Fett became the leader of the Mandalorian Protectors, following the death of Fenn Shysa. It should be noted that Mandalorians were determined based on their culture and bond, not just blood relation alone, however.

In The Mandalorian, Jango Fett was officially established to be a Mandalorian foundling that took part in the Mandalorian Civil War. Given that Boba Fett follows the traditions and teachings passed down from his father, it is likely that he too would be considered a Mandalorian by extent, though in spite of this, Boba Fett doesn't acknowledge himself to be a Mandalorian. It is also revealed that the armor that Boba Fett wore is indeed a modified version of Jango Fett's original armor.



  • Jango Fett (father; deceased)
  • Zam Wesell (his father's closest friend; deceased)
  • Galactic Empire (formerly)
  • Darth Vader (formerly; deceased)
  • Hutts (sometimes)
  • Jabba the Hutt (formerly; deceased)
  • Bib Fortuna (formerly; deceased)
  • Stormtroopers (formerly)
  • Clone Troopers (formerly)
  • Krayt's Claw (formerly)
  • C-21 Highsinger (formerly)
  • Embo (formerly)
  • Oked (formerly)
  • Latts Razzi (formerly)
  • Bossk (sometimes)
  • Dengar (sometimes)
  • IG-88B (sometimes)
  • 4-Lom (sometimes)
  • Zuckuss (sometimes)
  • Aurra Sing (sometimes; deceased)
  • Hondo Ohnaka (sometimes)
  • Jabba's criminal empire
  • Fennec Shand (friend and partner)
  • Migs Mayfield
  • Din Djarin/The Mandalorian
  • Cara Dune
  • Bounty Hunters Guild
  • Mos Espa Street Gang
  • Black Krrsantan
  • 8D8
  • Garfalaquox (formerly; deceased)
  • Dokk Strassi (formerly; deceased)
  • Unidentified Klatooinian don (formerly; deceased)
  • Mos Espa crime families (formerly)
  • Two unnamed Gamorrean guards (deceased)
  • His unnamed pet Rancor
  • Unnamed Rancor Keeper
  • Ratcater LEP series services droid
  • Cobb Vanth
  • Citizens of Freetown
  • Citizens of Mos Espa
  • Peli Motto
  • Peli Motto's droids
  • Mok Shaiz's majordomo
  • Tusken Raiders
  • Jawas
  • Bounty Hunters Guild
  • Garsa Fwip (deceased)


  • Galactic Republic
  • Jedi Order
  • Mace Windu - Former Archenemy (deceased)
  • Obi Wan Kenobi (deceased)
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Galactic Empire
  • Darth Vader (deceased)
  • Hutts (sometimes)
  • Jabba the Hutt (deceased)
  • Bib Fortuna - Victim (deceased)
  • The Twins
  • Luke Skywalker (formerly)
  • Han Solo (formerly)
  • Chewbacca (formerly)
  • Princess Leia (formerly)
  • C-3PO (formerly)
  • R2-D2 (formerly)
  • Clone Troopers
  • Stormtroopers
  • Moff Gideon
  • Count Dooku (deceased)
  • Bossk (sometimes)
  • Dengar (sometimes)
  • IG-88B (sometimes)
  • 4-Lom (sometimes)
  • Zuckuss (sometimes)
  • Aurra Sing (sometimes; deceased)
  • Hondo Ohnaka (sometimes)
  • Night Wind (defunct)
  • Mok Shaiz (deceased)
  • Mok Shaiz's Twi'lek majordomo (formerly)
  • Pyke Syndicate
  • Cad Bane - Mentor turned Archenemy and Victim (deceased)
  • Kintan Striders
  • Pyke Boss
  • Mos Espa crime families
  • Dokk Strassi (deceased)
  • Garfalaquox (deceased)
  • Unidentified Klatooinian don (deceased)
  • Mining collective


That was never part of the plan! I just wanted to kill the Jedi that murdered my father.
~ Boba Fett to Aurra Sing.
I'm not a murderer, but I want justice!
~ Boba Fett.
I see now I've done terrible things, but you started when you murdered my father! I'll never forgive you.
~ Boba Fett to Mace Windu.
You gotta be kidding me. Mandalore? The Empire turned that planet to glass.
~ Boba about Mandalore.
You can bring as many gladiators as you wish, but these are not the death pits of Duur and I am not a sleeping Trandoshan guard.
~ Boba unimpressed by the presence of Black Krrsantan alongside the Hutts twins.
Your cousin Jabba is dead. His cowardly Majordomo usurped his territory and then I killed him. All that is his belongs to me now. Your sister is right. If you want it, you'll have to kill me for it.
~ Boba to Jabba's cousins.


The Book of Boba Fett Theme by Ludwig Göransson


  • The character was reportedly modeled after Clint Eastwood's portrayal of the Man with No Name in A Fistful of Dollars.
  • Episode III concept art shows that Boba was supposed to appear, with his armor, so he can assassinate Mace Windu. This was cut out since Boba was thought to be "too young".
  • Reasons for Fett's popularity is interpreted as that he is a masculine character, being a rifle-armed bounty hunter donning a mask and suit, and that he joined the heroes in demanding Darth Vader to spare Han's life (for in his case, Han is no good to him dead).
  • Boba Fett would've been a main cast character for the planned live-action show, Star Wars: Underground, with Daniel Logan portraying him. But Disney put these plans on an indefinite delay.
  • Although he is also a clone, Boba does not consider the Clone Troopers as his brothers.
  • Similarly to his father Jango Fett, Darth Vader, General Grievous, and the Stormtroopers, he is a Jedi hunter.
    • In the fifth episode of the first season of the Star Wars spin-off show, The Mandalorian, someone is seen approaching the lifeless body of the assassin, Fennec Shand. It is implied that this is indeed Boba Fett and it could be likely that he will appear later in the show as a major character.
      • The mysterious figure was later confirmed to be Boba Fett in season two with him becoming a supporting protagonist in the latter half of the season alongside Shand.
  • Boba Fett made his first appearance on television November 17, 1978, animated by Nelvana Studios for The Star Wars Holiday Special as a mysterious figure who betrays Luke Skywalker after saving him, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2 from a giant monster, and curing Luke Skywalker and Han Solo from the mysterious sleeping virus, only to be revealed as a bounty hunter working for Darth Vader.
  • It is discretely implied in The Empire Strikes Back that Boba Fett was the one who killed Owen and Beru. However, in the comics, it was confirmed that stormtroopers on the orders of Darth Vader had killed Owen and Beru, as he had blamed the two for his mother's death.

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