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Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy!
~ Bobby Beale's most famous quote to his adopted mother Jane Beale, shortly after he is revealed to have accidentally killed his half-sister Lucy Beale - yet Bobby doesn't know that at the time being.
I killed Mum, just like I killed Lucy!
~ Bobby Beale publicly claims to his father Ian Beale that he may have killed Jane shortly after hitting her with his hockey stick - before going on to confess to the square that he is the one who killed Lucy all along.

Robert “Bobby” Beale is a fictional character and major protagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. He was born in 2003 and started out as a supporting character since then up until 2013, the hidden main antagonist of 2014, one of the two main antagonists in 2015-2016, a minor character in 2017 and one of the main protagonists in 2019-2022 onwards.

In the case of Bobby's family, he is the son of EastEnders' longest running character Ian Beale and the latter's late third wife Laura Dunn. He is also the adopted son of Ian's fourth wife Jane Beale, the half-brother of his foster siblings Steven Beale and Cindy Williams, the adoptive half-brother of Ian's biological son Peter Beale, and the accidental murderer of his half-sister and Ian's only daughter Lucy Beale.

He was portrayed by Eliot Carrington in the character's antagonist role, and is currently played by Clay Milner Russel in the character's protagonist role.


Bobby Beale was born at Albert Square from Walford in July 2003; he is the son of the square's longest-serving resident Ian Beale and his estranged third wife Laura Dunn. At first Ian believed that he was not Bobby's father, having had a vasectomy in order to avoid having any more children. Laura died from a broken neck after falling down the stairs (caused by slipping on one of Bobby's toys), and Ian took custody over Bobby, who grew up to believe that his father's fourth wife, Jane Collins, was his biological mother.

Bobby started out as a minor character throughout the show up until he played a major role in 2015, when he was revealed to be the killer of Lucy Beale, though he was unaware of it at the time. The subsequent revelation gradually increased Bobby's psychotic behaviour when he began to grow increasingly violent and unstable, all the while his parents desperately tried to protect him from the possibility of going to prison for Lucy's murder.

It wasn't until the end of Christmas 2015, just months after the Beales framed Max Branning for Lucy's murder, that Bobby learned from Dennis Rickman Jr that he had killed Lucy, having initially been lead to believe that while he had attacked her that night following an argument, he hadn't killed her in the process. Unfortunately, this further stroked his temperamental mannerisms - culminating in Bobby deliberately attacking Jane shortly after smashing a car out of anger. At this point, the truth about Lucy finally became public knowledge and Bobby directly exposed himself as her murderer. This led to Bobby being arrested and then convicted when he pleaded guilty in spite of Ian's objections.

Since then, Bobby has been sentenced to three years in juvenile for the unlawful killing of Lucy and committing grievous bodily harm on Jane.

Bobby returns on the 13th June 2019 (episode 5937), having been released from prison, during which time he converted to Islam.


  1. Laura Beale: Slipped on one of his toys, resulting in her falling down stairs, breaking her neck.
  2. Lucy Beale: Bashed Lucy in the head with a jewellery box. He did not realise he had killed her until being informed by Dennis Rickman Jr.
  3. Phil Mitchell: Threatens Phil with Ian’s golf club.
  4. Jane Beale: Beat her over the head with a hockey stick numerous times, splattering her blood on Martin and Stacey's wedding cake and was later transferred to hospital, managing to survive her injuries, yet partial paralysis.
  5. Cindy Beale Jr.: Pushed her to the table where Lucy died, falling unconscious.
  6. Denny Rickman: Pushed him to the table where Lucy died, falling unconscious while arguing with his mother Sharon Watts over her affair with Keanu Taylor.


  1. Kevin Curran: 2003-2007
  2. Alex Francis: 2007-2012
  3. Rory Stroud: 2013-2014
  4. Eliot Carrington: 2014-2017
  5. Clay Milner Russell: 2019-current




  • Just like Michael Myers, Bobby is one of several fictional characters who committed sororicide.
  • He was one of the show’s hated character throughout 2015 and 2016, until he redeemed himself in 2019 when he was released in which he became one of the beloved characters.