Robert "Bobby" Brown is the supporting antagonist and anti-hero of the original Karate Kid. He was the second strongest student in the Cobra Kai Dojo and a member of Johnny Lawrence's gang.

He is portrayed by Ron Thomas.


Pre Karate Kid

Bobby joined Karate Kid at sime point where he met Johnny, Dutch, Tommy and Jimmy.  

The Karate Kid

Bobby is Kreese's second-best student. Similar to his gang he bullies Daniel. One example is him intentionally slide tackling Daniel during soccer tryouts which prompted Daniel to attack him, ultimately resulting in the latter being kicked out. Despite being a bully, Bobby is the most compasionate member of his gang. He attempts to stop Johnny from ruining the beach party, harassing Daniel and doing further damage to Daniel during the fight alongside the South Sea apartments during the Halloween party. Prior to the start of the Semi-finals of the All Valley tournament, Bobby's instructor Kreese orders him to put Daniel "out of commission," which Bobby reluctantly attempts to do by kicking Daniel's knee, severely injuring him. After the kick, Bobby sincerely apologizes to a pain-writhen Daniel. Bobby is then disqualified. Since Daniel was unable to continue at that time and Bobby being disqualified, he is the only Cobra Kai member that Daniel doesn't defeat. 

Karate Kid 2

In the parking lot after Johnny loses the tournament, Bobby defends Johnny from an angry and frustrated Kreese. When Kreese chokes Johnny, Bobby tries to stop Kreese, but is assaulted by the latter.

Karate Kid 3

Bobby is shown in a montage in the beginning of the movie. It is implied that Bobby left the dojo following the events after the All Valley tournament in 1984 as in the present day Kreese has no students in the dojo.

The Cobra Kai

Season 1

Bobby is shown in many flashbacks.

Season 2

Bobby is now a pastor. Bobby along with former Cobra Kai friends Johhny, Jimmy and Tommy spend the day together before Tommy's passing. 


Despite being a bully, he is much more compassionate and sympathetic than his Cobra Kai friends, and he knows when to draw the line. He frequently has to tell his friends particularly Johnny to calm down whenever things are going too far, and shows guilt when he behaves dishonorably such as illegally kicking Daniel during the tournament.

Over 3 decades later Bobby is a pastor. He has been spending a lot of time praying since his fellow Cobra Kai friend Tommy was diagnosed with Hospice. He distrusts Kreese alng with his friends and warns Johnny about Kreese when the fomer mentions Kreese is helping him teach at the Cobra Kai Dojo. He is saddened when Tommy passes away.


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