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Bobby Maxwell

Robert "Bobby" Maxwell is the main antagonist in the 1976 action thriller film The Enforcer, which is the third film in the "Dirty Harry" film series.

He was portrayed by DeVeren Bookwalter.


Robert Maxwell is an incredibly ruthless terrorist leader and head of the People's Revolutionary Strike Force (PRSF). He and his gang commit various crimes that will allow them to become rich and be able to give power back to the people. One of Maxwell's accomplices lures two gas company workers to the top of a hill where Maxwell brutally murders them, before taking their uniforms and their van in order to gain access to a weapon storage warehouse. Maxwell's gang is soon confronted by Inspector Frank DiGiorgio (the partner of Inspector Harry Callahan) who holds them at gunpoint, but Maxwell evades capture and stabs the officer in the back before leaving. DiGiorgio is rushed to hospital but later dies of his wounds, leading Callahan to become obsessed with tracking Maxwell down and killing him.

Maxwell steals several LAW rockets and other heavy weapons and kidnaps the mayor as part of his plan to obtain great wealth. Meanwhile, Callahan and his new partner Inspector Kate Moore follow a lead to Maxwell's whereabouts, which happens to be on Alcatraz Island. They travel there by boat and manage to take out all of Maxwell's henchmen, but Moore is shot dead by Maxwell. As he ascends a guard tower and awaits the arrival of a helicopter to fly him to safety, Callahan grabs a LAW rocket and fires it at the guard tower, obliterating a screaming Maxwell instantly. Callahan rescues the mayor seconds before Maxwell's helicopter arrives, along with his ransom money.


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