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No fucking shit I don't care about this company! What? is just an ATM to me!
~ Bobby Pellett

Bobby Pellitt is a major antagonist in the 2011 film Horrible Bosses. He is portrayed by Colin Farrell.

Bobby's father, Jack, is the manager of Pellitt Chemicals, where Kurt (one of the protagonists) works.

In the film

Jack is a fair and kind boss, but his son is a hedonistic slacker. After Jack dies suddenly, Bobby takes over the company and deliberately drives it into the ground for personal gain. He exploits the company for money and intends to fire employees for unlawful reasons (such as being overweight or handicapped). Bobby begins by ending his company's proper disposal of chemicals in regard to the environment and resorting to allowing the Bolivian government to dispose waste on citizens (putting thousands of local residents at risk of radiation) just because the price is much lower. Bobby forces Kurt to fire Hank or Margie (allowing him to choose which one) threatening to fire Kurt and Margie as well if he didn't, and so Kurt reluctantly fired Hank. Kurt then became the scapegoat for Hank losing his job.

While Kurt and his two friends, Dale and Nick, case Bobby's house in preparation to murder him and the rest of their bosses, they discover that he has a large stash of cocaine and decide to come back and spike it with rat poison. They also steal Bobby's cell phone and accidentally leave it in David Harken's house. Harken finds the phone and suspects Bobby of having an affair with his wife and as Nick sits outside Bobby's house preparing to murder him, Harken shows up and fatally shoots Bobby. He is later arrested for the killing. Therefore, Kurt was free to return back to work without difficulty and hire Hank back.


Bobby is a hedonistic slacker who greatly disliked his job. He hardly did any work and spent most of his time in the restroom snorting cocaine, much to the annoyance of his co-workers. Jack also disliked his son's slacker attitude and tried to get him to do his job, much to Bobby's irritation. Bobby deeply resented Kurt and was jealous of his father's friendship with him, believing that his father favored Kurt more than him. When Jack died, Bobby did not attend his funeral with his co-workers and happily took over the company, implying that he had some deep-seated hatred for his father. Bobby used his position for his own personal gain, ordering Kurt to fire Hank and Margie for ridiculous reasons (being overweight and handicapped) and partying with hookers.


  • Bobby had a habit of whispering back and forth when he talked. This appears to be a side effect of cocaine which impaired his cognitive process of speech.
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