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Robert "Bobby" Possumcods is a recurring villain from the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry. He is a  redneck hillbilly, who lives in a run-down old trailer with his slightly more braindead companion, BoDean Lynn. He is villainous for multiple accounts of rape, theft, poaching, and racism as well as being a proud member of the Ku Klux Klan. He first appeared in "Welcome to Brickleberry" and made his final appearance in "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", where he was killed off the show.

He is voiced by Waco O'Guin.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Welcome to Brickleberry", it was revealed that Bobby is a full-time rapist, who has a restraining order keeping him from small children and animals, as he is prone to raping such animals. He later lures Malloy into his trailer, where he unsurprisingly rapes him up the ass.
  • In "Saved by the Balls", Bobby picked up a prostitute, mistaking her for a bison.
  • In "Steve's Bald", Bobby and BoDean chased after bigfoot and tried to murder him.
  • In "The Dam Show", Bobby drowned a woman. He, along with the rest of the citizens of Steveland, did a bunch of horrible things like waste the last of the food and destroy their only way out. He also joined the rest of the citizens in trying to eat Steve and also roast some innocent birds over a fire so he could eat them too.
  • In "Trailer Park", Bobby cheated his way out of paying his camping fee by putting on a mask, robbing Steve out of his money at gunpoint, and then giving that same money back to him in his normal form. Being the idiot Steve was, he fell for this. Steve did, however, notice that Bobby's wallet looked just like the wallet he just lost and Bobby told him he could buy it from him. Still being an idiot, Steve gave back all the money Bobby just gave to him so he could get his empty wallet back.
  • Later, a drunken and naked Bobby drove a stolen tractor through all the plants and trees and destroyed the park.
  • Malloy also reminded everyone that Bobby raped him.
  • In "Crippleberry", Bobby opened a "Heavy Petting Zoo".
  • In "Ranger Games", Bobby and BoDean did meth.
  • Later, he fired Firecracker Jim out of a cannon.
  • In "My Way or the Highway", Bobby organized a far-right militia, that planned to kill the governor because it represented a government-run by Jews that planned on bringing immigrants into their society. Originally, this militia was against gays, coloreds, and non-Christian religions but this all ended when such people as Connie, Jorge, Professor Chin, and Dr. Patel. In the end, Bobby realized they could no longer be against these things due to their diverse new recruits. Out of anger, he ran around, shooting everybody and everything up.
  • In "Scared Straight", Bobby was arrested for unknown reasons. It was also revealed that he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • In "Obamascare", Bobby created a horrible health care program called "OBobbycare", where he conned BoDean out of all his money.
  • In "That Brother's My Father", Bobby proved to be a fan of slavery.
  • In "Steve the Fearless Pilot", Bobby, BoDean, Hobo Larry, and Firecracker Jim joined Steve's pirate crew, where they pillaged people and stole their treasure.
  • In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", BoDean detailed how Bobby got high on leaded gasoline and chased BoDean around the trailer, shoving pop rocks and baby carrots up his ass. Bobby then smashed BoDean's penis between two frozen waffles. Finally, Bobby bit one of BoDean's testicles off and jumped out the window, leading to his death.



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