Robert" Bobby" Prince was a hiker in White Peaks. He was first seen in The Leap of Death (Case #25). In The Hunger Planes (Case #28), Bobby was convicted of killing plane pilot Harry Hugo, and in The Final Countdown (Case #59), Bobby was found again guilty of killing Frank Knight.


Bobby was a 23-year-old local hiker of White Peaks with long ash brown hair, thick eyebrows, and hairy mustache and beard.

In his first case appearance, Bobby wore a black winter tracksuit with red outlines as well as a blue scarf with hints of stains. He was also seen wearing a large travel pack also with stains on it. Besides that, he had an "I NATURE" badge, and he had a trekking pole. Furthermore, it was noted that Bobby rode a snowmobile and consumed fondue.

In his second case appearance, Bobby ditched his travel pack and replaced his blue fur scarf with a brown one. Besides that, he was shown to have sustained frostbites as a result of his survival of a plane crash and an avalanche. Also in the very case, it was discovered that Bobby could sew and that he used herbal toothpaste and motion sickness pills.

In his third case appearance, Bobby wore a raincoat with a grease stain on it and had an anti-pollution mask around his neck. It was discovered that he ate canned meat and took energy pills.

Villainous Role

Bobby's villainous side was first shown in 'The Hunger Planes' where he killed plane pilot Harry Hugo.

Bobby had no food and/or hope and did not like the revelation that Captain Hugo kept his greedy self as the man of the spotlight—specifically Captain Hugo and Bobby looked for help, but when an avalanche throttled the two, Captain Hugo took everything away from Bobby and left him for dead. Bobby survived the avalanche, but was bereft of his survival supplies thanks to Captain Hugo's thievery. Bobby was starving, so he pounced on Captain Hugo, smashed his head with a broken plane controller, and then tied the pilot to a spit allowing Captain Hugo to be roasted over the lava. Bobby controlled his cannibalistic instinct after Amy's arrival, but Amy did not care about Bobby anymore and the player took Bobby to court.

Months later, Bobby was released from prison by Albert Tesla with the promise of Amy if he killed Frank.

Bobby went through with killing Frank for the sake of Amy. With Amy standing in his way, he threatened to kill her and the player, but with Amy being quick, she shot down Bobby and killed him.


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