Bobby Prinze is the secondary antagonist of the 2000 horror/comedy spoof film Scary Movie. He was in relationship with Cindy Campbell but because lack of sex he turned to be gay. He and Ray Wilkins were copycatting Ghostface. He was portrayed by Jon Abrahams.

Bobby revealed himself when he shot Shorty Meeks with gun. He along with Ray captured Cindy's Father and Bobby told Cindy the reasons, and also revealed he and Ray are actually gays, however Ray denied. To be not suspected by Police, Ray and Bobby want to stab each other. However Ray loosed control and stabbed Bobby many times. When Bobby remind that is his turn, Ray refused to be stabbed himself. The real killer appears behind Ray and stabbed him with hook. Ray falls on Bobby in a doggy-style fashion.



  • He is a parody of Billy Loomis, the main antagonist in the original Scream.
  • His last name is of actor Freddy Prinze Jr.


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