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Now you will know why you fear the night.
~ In-game description.

Bogeymen are small, hyperactive and procedurally generated night creature enemies in the indie management simulation game Dwarf Fortress. They are only encountered in "Adventure Mode", and do not appear in "Fortress Mode".

Due to the procedural generation of the world, coupled with the fact that many elements can be customized by the player, the strength, threat level, placement and physical form of bogeymen vary greatly.


Drawing of a potential appearance of bogeymen.
Art by kruggsmash

Bogeymen are represented by a dark grey "ñ" in gameplay.

They are procedurally generated, with their characteristics altering between generated worlds, though there are many traits that all bogeymen share, being that many either have extra or missing bodily features and/or limbs that may give them extra abilities, such as the ability to fly if they're given wings.


Bogeymen are only found in evil-aligned regions, especially areas that are connected spheres related to nightmare or darkness. They can also be created by necromancers, but only if the necromancer understands the secrets required to summon them.

Despite being small, bogeymen pose a serious threat to an unprepared traveler. They possess an "Expert" level (which is eight on a scale of fifteen) in the following skills: fighting, striking, kicking, wrestling, biting, dodging and observing. They are also among the most agile creatures in the game, making them very hard to hit. Bogeymen can breathe underwater, feel no exertion, cannot be stunned and are immune to pain, nausea, dizziness and fevers. Bogeymen need no food, water or sleep to survive, nor do they need to breathe, meaning they cannot be drowned or strangled.

In later versions of the game, bogeymen can transform themselves into animals as well have the ability to summon more bogeymen to assist themselves. Similar to quitting the game during sieges, exiting the game during a bogeyman attack will have the pause screen's "give up" option be renamed to "give in to the night".

When traveling at night in an evil region, the following words will appear depending on the player's situation:
  You are surrounded by incessant cackling.
  You are still surrounded by cackling.
  The cackling fades away.
Respectively, these statements appear when being ambushed by bogeymen, remaining in their presence for too long and taking shelter. If a creature has the [NOFEAR] token, bogeymen will be completely friendly to them.

When speaking to other townsfolk, many will warn you of the dangers of the night; telling you to take any precaution necessary to avoid the horrors that is facing bogeymen. When a bogeyman dies, it dissipates into smoke. Its detached limbs will soon do the same.


  • The default appearance of the bogeymen is not explained in-depth, so it can only be speculated. The game vaguely states that bogeymen have "terrifying features", which are not fully explained.


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