Hello, Chief! Looking for me?
~ Boggs to Michael Garibaldi

Boggs was a villain featured in the Babylon 5 episode Ceremonies of Light and Dark.

He was portrayed by Don Stroud.


Formerly an Earthforce Marine, Boggs joined Nightwatch in the late 2250s. In 2260 after B5 declared independence from the Earth Alliance, Boggs was one of the few Nightwatch agents to evade capture by station security and went in to hiding.

Boggs dedicated himself to having B5 put back under Morgan Clark's control, and to kick out all the aliens.

Fearing that killing Captain John Sheridan would turn the man into a martyr, he prevented his fellow Nightwatch members from attacking Sheridan. He and his cell instead kidnapped Ambassador Delenn, the captain of one of the Minbari warships protecting Babylon 5, and that captain's aide. They hoped that the Minbari would withdraw support in exchange for Delenn's life. In a communication with Sheridan Boggs had the aide killed to demonstrate how serious they were in taking over B5.

Sheridan and the B5 senior staff were able to determine where Boggs and his cell were holding the hostages. Faking a reactor leak, the crew was able to force Boggs and his cell out into the open. Boggs was killed in a subsequent shootout with B5 security.

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