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The Boglodites are a species of parasitic aliens that first appeared in Men in Black III.


Boglodites resemble brown semi-humanoid grotesque arachnids with sockets for eyes. They have long reptilian tongues. They must consume all the planets in the universe to avoid starvation.


When the Boglodites tried to consume the Earth, a device created by an extinct pentadimensional race called the Archanans whose planet was consumed by the Boglodites, the Arc Net, put all the Boglodites into extinction, except for Boris the Animal.

Boris went back in time to prevent Griffin, a member of the Archanan race from shielding the Earth from the Boglodite invasion. Due to the altered timeline, the Boglodites have now been extinct for 40 years.

Powers and Abilities

Boglodites possess the ability to release small creatures from their bodies called Boggi which fire fatal darts at a high speed. They can sprout sharp appendages from their feet for excellent grip. They are able to survive in a vacuum, as when Boris escaped LunarMax Prison he was able to survive with no breathing apparatus. They also have above average strength, as Boris was able to crush metal tin with his bare hands. They have the ability to transform into human-like form with bulges on their forehead and chest, and with slits on their hands in which the Boggi live in.


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