Bogmire is the second boss in the game Luigi's Mansion. He is the manifestation of the mansion's fear and despair.


Bogmire resides in the graveyard behind the mansion, buried underneath a large tombstone in the back of the graveyard. After Luigi defeats all of the skeleton ghosts, Bogmire's tombstone begins to glow. When Luigi confronts him, a bolt of lightning strikes the ground in front of his tombstone, causing him to arise from the ground and warp Luigi to his dimension, but Luigi manages to defeat him. A chest appears holding the key to the Courtyard, allowing Luigi to proceed to the next area of the mansion.


Bogmire is capable of creating shadowy clones of himself to surround and attack Luigi. He is also capable of teleportation and has the ability to summon lightning, which causes his clones to appear.


  • Bogmire's name is derived of "bog" and "mire", which are two types of swamps.
  • Bogmire is the only portrait ghost who does not have any lines of dialogue. It is even impossible to scan his heart.


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